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It's getting ugly, glad the election will be over soon.
RugerGirl;34462 Wrote:A nine year old boy says that if Romney wins, we'll be going back to the crop fields.

Indoctrination, much?
I have to admit that's one of the most messed up things I've ever seen, but it's getting a lot of airplay in the "right" places.

If the other side is really promoting this, things are going to get far uglier no matter who wins. Usually, nothing really surprises me around election time, but the rhetoric surrounding this election cycle has been fantastically ignorant.

Valorius;34465 Wrote:They don't even know why they don't like Romney. Seriously. I've quizzed a few urbanites the past few days. They don't really know anything about him.

They don't like him because he's not Obama. Fortunately for Obama, that's all the information they think they need to make the decision to continue to support O.

On the flip side, that can also work in Romney's favor, since many of the people voting for him will do so simply because he's not Obama.

IMO, that's pretty messed up from both angles, but we're stuck with it.
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halftrack;34631 Wrote:...
They don't like him because he's not Obama.

I think it might be more than that.

Actually, they seem to hate him. And why would they? I think because Obamuh says they should. His campaign has been on a 'hate Romney' trip since early in the primary debates when it became clear that Romney had a shot.

Obama has been conjuring hatred toward Romney from his libtard base, since then.
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