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IWB Appendix Carry - your thoughts?
Do any of you guys carry iwb appendix? Specifically, I was looking at the skeleton by phlster (pics below). In general, have any of you carried in this position? I have a bit of a beer gut, and idk if this is a problem too. Also I wear low rise jeans and not jeans that touch my belly button.

[Image: IMG_0044.JPG]

[Image: learning-to-love-appendix-carry-mp-shield.jpg]
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
I've been able to do it comfortably with smaller guns, like snubbies and Keltecs, but not with full sized guns like Glocks or 1911s. I'm also on the portly side, so that might be a factor.
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Ive recently flattened out my stomach and honestly I haven't had any more success. I can do it but I cant say that it is comfortable. I think I ruined all forms of IWB carry when I switched my everyday setup to OWB. I should have a G-Code Incog holster coming soon to try out. Maybe that will bake AIWB tolerable, maybe I'm just dreaming.
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How will you sit down?
Yeah, I'd love to get into iwb, but when I sit down or drive, I don't find it comfortable at all. Right now I usually carry a Glock 19 or Glock 30sf owb, and if I need deep concealment then I carry an LCP in a pocket holster. My new gun is a P01 clone and is similar in size to a Glock 19. I know I can carry it owb without any problems, but I would like something a little bigger than an LCP that I can easily carry iwb in a tuckable holster (and conceal it very well). I like the looks of the LC9, but I hate the trigger. I heard a lot of great things about the m&p shield, but I think they are over-priced. Maybe a subcompact Kahr might work? I use to have an SR40c that I actually carried iwb pretty well, but I'd probably go with the SR9c since I pretty much now just buy 9s and .45s.
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
I got over the whole fear of blowing off my junk pretty quick when trying it out. Sitting down I don't find at all uncomfortable when I position the holster between say 11:00 or 1:00. Anything outside of that range and the holster winds up digging or pushing somewhere, sometimes it is uncomfortable, sometimes it's just enough that I know it is there.

What really bothers me is the holster always seems to move around and the corners wind up sticking in or grabbing my legs when I walk. Also with my existing setup the gun (Glock 27) just rides too damn high and becomes very visible through my shirt. I wish that incog holster would hurry up and get here so I can try it out and almost definitely be disappointed.
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I appendix carry my M&P9c with the G-Code INCOG holster. It wasn't uncomfortable as I thought it would be, especially while sitting. I practice drawing and firing from the appendix until I got comfortable. Primarily started appendix carry b/c my OWB holster would print easily.
These photo's are both of the Blade Tech Ultimate Concealment IWB holster

Kahr CW9 IWB untucked
[Image: 100_8876Medium.jpg]

Kahr CW9 IWB tucked
[Image: 100_8877Medium.jpg]

 SP101 IWB untucked
[Image: 100_8985Large.jpg]

SP 101 IWb tucked
[Image: 100_8984Large.jpg]

Currently I'm using a R. Grizzle leather tuckable IWB holster with my SP 101, no pics. Took some getting used to but it can become second nature to you, and I have a bit more than a "beer gut" so I have mine farther to the rear.
I've just started experimenting with this. I've only been conceal carrying about 9 months so I don't have nearly the experience with different holsters and carry methods that I'm sure many of you do.

I've been successfully concealing a Glock 19 at 3:00 o'clock IWB. It does print a bit, but not enough for the average person to have any idea or notice. My wife knows I carry and usually she doesn't even notice. She's surprised sometimes when we get "close" when she realizes I'm still strapped and I have to take a moment to disarm.

There are some things I really like and find appealing about apendix IWB though.

1. It feels like you have much better secure control over your weapon.
2. It's quick to access and draw even when sitting.
3. With the right build I think its even more concealed than other forms of conceal carry.
4. I feel like its the less intrusive in all types of movement (bending, squatting, sitting, running, jumping, etc...)

Things I don't like so far:

1. If you have a ND or AD, you could be blowing a hole in your thunder stick, or worse yet killing yourself.
2. I get poked usually in the thigh when sitting, which at first doesn't bother me, but after extended periods becomes very uncomfortable, sometimes even to the point of bruising.
3. If you do have extra padding on your gut (which admittedly I do at the moment) it does print fairly obviously. (I'm ok if I keep good posture and suck in my gut, but that becomes uncomfortable too Big Grin).

The jury is still out for me. I like it and hate it at the same time, but am trying to give it a chance. Lately I keep switching from 3 o'clock IWB - about 1 o'clock AIWB. Maybe if I hit the gym a few more times a week I'll have better luck.
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Dont have an appendix anymore,but that gave a little room to ccw my Glock 22,really,ok guess the weight loss helped also. I favor this ccw over 3 o clock and belt.
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