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Jah's Ultimate Bad Ass Super Ninja Pimpstar Carry Thread
And yeah, before anyone else says it...that wasn't exactly a civil way to talk to someone. But I don't care. Some guy following me around a store and telling the 911 operator I'm "acting like" I'm shopping comes pretty close to trying to get me SWATted. After what happened to the guy in Walmart last year, and the asshole who tackled the guy in FL, I'm taking no chances with anyone. These last few months have seen hostility towards people who carry grow exponentially, thanks to the Bloomberg-Watts tag team and a fevered media. They've been losing the battle so badly, they've gone to extremes to demonize people who carry, especially those that do so openly. That includes SWATting.

So, fuck that guy and his mother.
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Man you could write a movie about this shit.

[Image: pafoasig.png]
Jah, I don't blame you for how you react. You're doing nothing illegal and what you are doing is protected by the constitution. Whether people want to OC (let alone carry in general) is up to them. However they shouldn't be shitting on your parade if their feelings get hurt. The soccer moms and assholes need to get over it. Carrying firearms is legal.
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jahwarrior72;163750 Wrote:March 29th:
just came back from what was supposed to be a short shopping trip at Wegman's. Normally, it's not too bad up there. Sometimes I'll go around 4am after work, and I'll be the only guy on the place.

Today, though, was Please Punch Me In My Fucking Obnoxious Face Day, and everyone in the greater Scranton area was out celebrating. I distinctly heard someone call me an asshole as I walked by, another person call me a freak, and two called me psycho.

The best, however, is the older guy who followed me around for about ten minutes, talking to I can only guess was the police on his cellphone. " he's walking through the frozen food section...he's just putting stuff in his cart....I already said, he's acting like he's shopping..."

Eventually I stopped and stated at him. He got nervous, smiled, and asked, "Can I help you?"

"Can I help YOU?"

"Whaddya mean?"

"You've been following me around the store for ten minutes, reporting what I'm doing to probably the police. The fuck do you want?"

He got defensive, and started in with the whole, "I don't know if you're some psy ho with a gun" bullshit. To which I replied, "You see me putting groceries in a fucking cart, and you're wondering if I'm dangerous? Moron."

"Hey look, I'm all for you carrying, but its supposed to be concealed, like the permit says. I got a permit to carry, and that's the law."

"You dont have a permit."

"Yes i do!"

"Show me."


"Show me the permit you don't actually have. Its not a permit. It's a license, and it doesn't say shit about concealing on it. Go ahead, show me."

"I'm not gonna pull out my wallet for you. You..."

"Shit the fuck up. I'm gonna go over to the juice aisle. I see you following me again, I'm gonna punch you in the fucking face. Then you might actually have something to tell the cops, faggot."

"Fuck you!"

"Fuck your mother." I stood there, and waited for a response. He turned beet red, turned slowly, and walked off.

I got in line, without getting other stuff Imeant to get, because fuck this place today. I paid, walked out, and saw a Dickson City patrol car parked outside. The officer stared at me, gave me the "I see you" wave, bit did nothing else. I went home, irritated, and not in the mood to leave the house again today.


It's like SHAFT but you're buying groceries, filing your taxes, picking up dry cleaning, looking for the metric bolt aisle at Home Depot...
"Fuck your mother" is probably the best way to get a guy in his mid to late fifties to either try and punch you, or leave you alone.
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Last Friday, July 3rd, I met up with my lady, MollyMayhem, in downtown Scranton to watch the annual fireworks show; I left work early to meet her and our four kids.

After finding a parking spot, I proceeded to walk two blocks til I got to Courthouse Square, and met up with her. I was carrying my usual setup: 1911 in a Black hawk kydex holster, crossdraw, two extra mags in my back pocket, pocket light in my left front pocket, and two or three pocket knives.

We all walked around, playing the dollar games, buying overpriced hot dogs and funnel cakes, and watching street performers. Then we sat and relaxed; the fireworks display was to begin at 9:30, and it was not yet dark.

My oldest daughter is twelve, and wanted to walk around a bit. I agreed, as long as I went with her. We both got up from the spot we picked on the courthouse lawn, and began to walk. She saw a cart selling Italian ice, then turned around with her hand outstretched, goofy smile on her face. I sighed, reached into my pocket, and gave her five dollars. She got in line, and I hung back, texting Molly and checking my Facebook.

A man stood about five pages away from me. I noticed him earlier in the evening, arguing with a woman I suspect was his wife. He was on his phone, when he turned and noticed me. I continued texting Molly, when he lowered his phone, then raised it again, and aimed its camera lens at me, trying to be subtle about it.

He did that a few times, until I walked over to him and said, "If you wanted a picture, all you gotta do is ask, buddy."

"What? Whaddya mean? I wasn't taken any pictures."

"You were. I don't care if you were, I just think maybe you should ask people. It's kinda creepy, like if I started taking pictures of women's asses. Wait, you didn't take a picture of my ass, did you?"

He didn't reply. He walked away, until he had enough space to make a phone call without me overhearing it. My daughter came back, with her Italian ice. We made our way back to the rest of the clan.

About fifteen minutes later, I was standing with Molly, smoking cigarettes and talking, when a Scranton PD patrolman began to approach us. He stopped, sized me up, said something into his shoulder walkie, and waved me over. I waved Hi back. He frowned, and waved me over again. I shook my head, and waved him over. I noticed another patrolman approach from the left, and stop about 20 yards away. The first patrolman waved me over again. I shook my head, and waved him away, giving him the "shoo" motion.

He stood there for a minute, then approached the second patrolman, and they began to have a very involved discussion. After a few minutes of close talking, head shaking, and other frustrated body language, they both looked my way, shook their heads, and left.

I think they're finally getting it.
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That's why I only OC when I'm in a generously educational mood or attending a rally. Otherwise there's a chance of someone just getting on my nerves.
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ByblosHex;167559 Wrote:That's why I only OC when I'm in a generously educational mood or attending a rally. Otherwise there's a chance of someone just getting on my nerves.

Well, folks tend to get on my nerves, anyway, whether I'm visibly armed or not. I've become somewhat of a homebody the last couple of years, and just avoid going out if I can.

I never minded engaging in conversations with people in public, as long as they're cool. I had a pretty decent conversation with a married couple a few weeks back, when they saw me carrying while shopping at Wegman's. It went from a simple question of legality, to a 20 minute conversation in front of the store.
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Maybe it depends on where you live, or something, I dunno. After 6 1/2 years of open carry I'm still waiting for someone to get on my nerves, cop or citizen.

in all that time I have had some awesome conversations with folks. Maybe that gets on your nerves? I hear some folks just want to be left alone.

Forever alone (where's that meme?) Rolleyes
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Curmudgeon;167563 Wrote:Maybe it depends on where you live, or something, I dunno.

Or maybe the fact your skin is just a touch lighter than Alex's.Ninja

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