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James Yeager is still an Asshole
I didn't watch the video because I refuse to watch this idiot.

Quote:One CEO says he's willing to go to outrageous lengths to protect his right to use a gun.

James Yeager, CEO of Tactical Response, a Tennessee company that trains people in weapon and tactical skills, claimed in a video posted on YouTube and Facebook that he would "start killing people" if President Barack Obama decides to take executive action to pass further gun control policies, Raw Story reports.

In a frenetic address to the camera, Yeager puts a call out to other gun rights advocates to "load your damn mags" and "get ready to fight" in what he claims will turn into a "civil war" if gun control measures in the country get any stricter.

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I'll give him credit for having the balls to say it on camera.
I hope he likes prison food...and penis!!
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No doubt Piers Moron will book him as a guest post haste!
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Idiots like this and that other guy are not helping the cause.

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Your all probably think the same thing but hes saying it.
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No, I don't happen to think civil war or "start killing people" is the answer to anything.

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No, what I'm thinking right now is this asshat is basically helping the libtards on the coasts push their message further towards the center of the country to all the non-gun owners that this cray-cray "CEO" reflects the thoughts and opinions of gun owners everywhere, and these are dangerous people and they need to be stopped before they kill again.

I'm already getting tired defending my 2A right to people who want to see the 2A erased from the Bill of Rights. I don't need fuckers like this to fuck it up for the rest of us.

I hope his "tactical response" ranch goes down the financial toilet and we never hear from him again.

In lighter news, I just got a sweepstakes form from NRA-ILA with first prize being a gun collection + some gay hunting excursion I don't have time for to leave my job to go do, and a Dodge Ram truck.

Don't you guys pick the truck. That's MINE. MINE MINE MINE. Big Grin
ArcticSplash;65658 Wrote:I hope his "tactical response" ranch goes down the financial toilet and we never hear from him again.

Well unfortunately he does have a rather large following of tacticool people.
The law? The law is a human institution...
JustinHEMI;65657 Wrote:No, I don't happen to think civil war or "start killing people" is the answer to anything.


I didnt see the stalking part. Other than that. Would you just sit idle in the corner while the JBT's break down your door? I think thats he's referencing.
Thats the way i look at it anyway.
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