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Japan launches QE8 as 20-year slump drags on
This is what they are dOing to us. It's a plan to weaken.
"In 4 more OMao years you won't like how America looks....I guarantee it."
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[Image: music.gif] Some QE, over the [Image: rainbow.gif] , they'll bail-out, some-day... [Image: music.gif]

[Image: music.gif] Some QE, over the [Image: rainbow.gif] , they'll buy pros-per-ity, they say... Rolleyes
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It's very sad how hard Japan is getting rammed after the quake/tsunami/meltdown/economic crash/aging population crisis and now with China rattling sabers over these islands with their ultra-nationalism and Japan being so weak I really think Tokyo might have a Chinese flag flying soon. It's not as if we'll be in a position to do jack shit about it if it does happen.
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I think it's funny. Japan had first shots at destroying our domestic industry and now they are well on their way to becoming a post-industrial country themselves. Most Japanese products now a days are assembled in China, the Philippines and Mexico.
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