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Jesse Jackson Visits Philadelphia - Talks to Echo Chamber
So here's my redux on the Jesse Jackson Rally:

Quote:Geraldine Roberson, 58, followed the reverend around with a camera, taking snapshots as he answered reporters' questions and posed for photos with fans.

"He did so much for us. So much," she gushed. "I'm about to cry. I just can't believe it, I've never seen him this close before."

Nice to know the roadie/fan-club is still out there.

Then out of Jackson's own mouth:
Quote:"They had the debate in Denver, Colo.," he said, referring to the Oct. 3 match between President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney. "And the moderator never mentioned Aurora, Colo., where people were killed and massacred with semiautomatic weapons."

See this is just ridiculous. Either he doesn't know what a semi-auto is, or he's really pushing for a total gun ban.

For those who don't know what a semi is... it is a gun where if you pull the trigger, part of the energy of the bullet exploding is turned into kinetic energy used to clear the spent bullet casing and resetting the gun in a positon where the trigger is ready to fire again with nominal force applied to the trigger.

That basically means just about all pistols (non-revolver). Do you have a 100-year old Colt 1911 antique? That's a semi auto.

Police-issued Glock? That's a semi-auto.

Good luck trying to pass a gun ban that exhaustive with the Roberts Court. You will lose and the defeat will be marvelous. I look at places like Camden, NJ where the murder rate is just out of control but New Jersey's gun laws are very tight. And Philadelphia where the murder rate is lower, and we have the most liberal gun laws in America.

Difference in crime rates between the two cities with the differing set of gun laws? Negligible to near-non-existent. Prohibition of guns won't work any better than prohibition of drugs or cigarettes or alcohol.

Quote:He was similarly disappointed with the vice presidential debate in Kentucky. "You gonna have a debate in Appalachia, the poorest congressional district in the country, and not mention poverty?"

Only sane statement he made all day today.

Quote:"Like he said, everybody's talking about the middle class, upper class," said Sheila Rhames, 49. "But nobody's talking about the poor, poverty and our struggles."

"I'm a single person, why do I have to have a child and be married to be part of the middle class?" Rhames said, referring to spousal and parental tax breaks for which she doesn't qualify.

Does she not know about the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Childcare Tax Credits which she qualifies for? And does she also not know about the marriage penalty? It's actually in her interest to still be filing Head-Of-Household on her tax forms than it is to be filing married.

Quote:Jackson criticized states that have tried to pass voter-ID laws and purged registrations of inactive voters. He also slammed Pennsylvania for not allowing early voting. "You're only allowed to vote one day in this state. And it's an inconvenient day: Tuesday."

Ok I take it back; 2nd sane statement. Absentee ballots in PA are a bit nutty and they are heavily discarded by the Democrats in PA and also the PAGOP---every election where there is a tight race both parties lawyer up like crazy to kick out the absentee ballots.

And I wish Pennsylvania was an open primary state which is something lots of Democrats in PA would be against.

Quote:"If they had more events like this, more people would be used to the positivity and be away from drugs and be more aware about who they voting for," said Bah Larry, who canvassed for Obama in 2008, before she was old enough to vote.On Saturday night, Jackson spoke at a Coalition of Black Trade Unionists panel on racial disparities in the unemployment rate.

I would like to meet the first ex-drug addict that says they cured their addiction by attending a Jackson rally. I bet that would be a very interesting person.
Quote:Jesse Jackson Visits Philadelphia

Hummm, where's Wilson Goode when ya need 'em ....
[Image: eqo87s.png]
ArcticSplash;24035 Wrote:
soberbyker;24021 Wrote: Hummm, where's Wilson Goode when ya need 'em ....

and how does that connect with my comment?????
soberbyker;24038 Wrote:
ArcticSplash;24035 Wrote:???

and how does that connect with my comment?????

Doesn't (removed the extemporaneous quote).
ArcticSplash;24035 Wrote:[Image: eqo87s.png]

Not that i disagree...but would you favor a candidate because he was gay?
Valorius;24100 Wrote:
ArcticSplash;24035 Wrote:[Image: eqo87s.png]

Not that i disagree...but would you favor a candidate because he was gay?


Very good example of that: Disgraced former governor of New Jersey, McGreevey.

How someone gets their rocks off is not a determinant of whether or not I will depress the button in the voting machine. I'm more worried about what they do ON the clock than off the clock.
Another example that illustrates...

Former PA House Rep Babette Josephs vs. now-current PA House Rep-Elect Brian Sims (yeah he has to be voted on in November, but this is Philly... the Democrat primary IS the election).

Babette was one of the most useless legislators in the state house in Harrisburg, and that is saying a LOT. Mostly her job was to be the foil for Darryl Metcalfe. Authored VERY little legislation all the decades she worked in Harrisburg.

And when I lived in Center City--I found her office to be absolutely useless. Constituent service wasn't one of her things she did well, either.

In 2006 I backed her potential outsters---ALL of her ousters. I helped promote her Democratic challenger and then when Babette won the primary, I immediately switched to someone who I consider now a friend of mine, Republican Wally Zimolong. Babette wound up winning anyway. A lot of gays went out of their way to also vote for Wally but it was nowhere near enough to counter the straight ticket voters.

After I moved out of her district, she returned to her natural, do-nothing state. Then this year, her former office treasurer Brian Sims, an actual gay guy and former Downingtown HS football champ, decided to run---against her---highlighting the fact that his opponent Babette doesn't write any groundbreaking legislation, and that he'll also reach across the aisle to rural Republicans rather than Babette's method of operation: speechify and don't work with anyone except the Philly D delegation.

The gays were split by age. The older ones who still felt loyal to Babette for all the years of her speechifying in Harrisburg stayed with her. The under 35 set all went to Sims and then pushed Sims hard in front of the rest of her district, which is mostly mixed-race affluent and straight.

Sims got rid of a career politician which is RARE for Philadelphia. And now Darryl Metcalfe gets to bicker about gays in front of an ACTUAL gay guy.

And Sims biceps are about as big as Darryl Metcalfe's neck.

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