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JnD Gun Sales
First off I would like to say that Tiffany is not only good looking, but a truly great person to deal with.

Stopped in today to look at .380s ended up walking out the door with one. Tiffany helped my father and I and as with the last time in the other location she was very helpful and friendly even recognizing us from last winter.
The other employees there were helpful stopping to ask if we needed help even as they took care of other customers. The prices seemed to be much more reasonable then SGD and Gander over in Johnstown. Will continue to do business with them for sure.

One question though on the door they have a sign saying no loaded firearms beyond this point. I thought that they were Pro-carry, so does this only apply to guns being brought in for service or trade ins?
Many gun shops have that policy because their insurance carrier required it. Don't know for sure if that's the case here.
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I have heard store employees (other places) say the sign is only for firearms that will be bought/traded/leave the holster to try another holster/etc. and doesn't apply to a carry firearm.

I have also heard store employees (again, other places) state that the sign means what it means... no loaded firearms of any time for any reason. Period.

Perhaps a phone call to the store/supervisor/owner might net a good answer (and let us know!). Shrug
Stopped in on Black Friday, but it didn't really blow me away.. I remember there being a much bigger inventory whenever it was ECGS... I buy mostly used, so I'm never really "up" on the latest prices.
I love Glocks... I don't know why ?? ShrugShrug
Finally heard back from their management. The sign covers all firearms for carry or trade.

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