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JP Morgan Chase doesn't want your filthy peasant cash!
We should always be careful when making assumptions. Wink

I've talked about it before but I not too long ago went through a full and complete IRS audit. Not your usual 'show me this or that' kind but the show me, explain and back up in writing everything type that took 2 lawyers and 3 accountant to help me through it. And guess what? The many times cash was removed from the bank did not even get a mention from the auditor. It's not what they care about if the income was correctly reported.

Understanding and agreeing are different words with different meanings for a reason. And sorry that I've gone through these type of things many times without issue so that I'm not going to lie about it to prove my hate for the .gov.
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Maybe you got lucky, but that doesn't mean it will always turn out that way for you or anyone else for that matter. Even still it depends on how you look at it. It's very likely that filling out declaration documents could raise a red flag at the IRS leading to an audit, beyond that why do you need to outlay the significant cost of 2 lawyers and 3 accountants if you didn't do anything wrong which the government may not have had suspicion of otherwise if you hadn't disclosed some information? Even if you "win" and prove you owe the government nothing you've still lost in the time and resources required to defend yourself. Maybe in your case it wasn't the declaration forms that pinged the IRS, but for others it very likely could have been. Regardless tell all the innocent people sitting in prison right now who wouldn't be otherwise because they didn't keep their mouth shut about how disclosure is no big deal or told the government something it didn't need to know and just happened to be at the wrong place and wrong time on top of it. We also have a 5th amendment for a reason. As far as I'm concerned unless the government has suspicion to think I've done something wrong it has no business knowing anything about my finances or personal life beyond the bare minimum unless it has a subpoena for the information or a warrant after suspicion of some wrongdoing has been brought to a judge.
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Our audit supposedly started from paying more than the national average portion of our employee's health care which resulted in higher than average health care tax credits. Yeah, its that's crazy Shrug

Listen, you can keep changing the subject till you finally strike gold but that will not change this thread's premise as being incorrect based on my experience as well as others who posted here. If you want to start a "I H8 IRS" thread, go for it - I'm sure we will find much common ground there, although mine will be from real life experience while yours will be from stuff you read on the internet Tongue Big Grin
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I don't for a moment think the irs will audit me. Maybe view my past 1099's and then realize that I declared them properly. This year I'll make double sure I keep everything perfect but that's not hard to do minus my home office deduction. I don't think they are coming to measure the space precisely. I don't think they will give two shits about the 12k. If they ask they will get nothing but a blank look.

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