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Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans
Shouldn't there be a civil war over this or something?
Soldats ! Faites votre devoir ! Droit au cœur mais épargnez le visage. Feu !
The end justifies the means, right? Rolleyes
GregorOneEye;76021 Wrote:Shouldn't there be a civil war over this or something?

Everyday is another day closer! Just wait until the sheep stop getting their freebies!
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Admit nothing.  Deny everything. Demand proof.
If we lie to the government, it's a crime. If the government lies to the people, it's called politics.
Paying for welfare is slavery.
No worries.
Be sure to get yourself an AR-15 and you can protect yourselves from Drone attack.
According to the Rev. Jesse Jackson, well known firearm expert, you can shoot down airplanes with an AR-15. So, you should be able to just shoot down the drones.Ninja
Koli01, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.
Senator Graham, the epitome of a statist, is urging people to support Obama's killing of Americans:
[Image: quotes.php]
Pocketprotector;75874 Wrote:TERRORIST Water boarding = Bad

CITIZEN Dead by Drone = Good

Media and ACLU just fine

Hijack a plane and kill American citizens = terrorist

Use a drone to kill American citizens = President

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This is one of the most insane things I've ever read. How do people not freak out about this? This stuff is absolutely disgusting.
Soldats ! Faites votre devoir ! Droit au cœur mais épargnez le visage. Feu !
I ask you my friends: What does the term "High crimes and misdemeanors" mean, if it does not mean the President authorizing the murder of US citizens without due process?

We truly do live in a bizarro world.....NO ONE won the Cold War....
Just remember folks, part of the last Census was getting GPS coordinates of the front doors of every home.
Some people wisely did not fill out a census form.

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