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Kahr CW9 or Rugersr9c?
Between the two Kahr CW9 or Ruger sr9c which is the better pistol and why?
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I have the Ruger SR40c. It can hold 9+1 or 15+1 (for the 9mm it is 10+1 or 17+1), it can easily be carried IWB and OWB, it is very accurate, and I never had any FTFs. I don't have any experience with the Kahr CW9, but I do know the Kahr is thinner, it holds 7+1, and I heard some Kahrs are picky with their SD rounds.
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das;61888 Wrote:Between the two Kahr CW9 or Ruger sr9c which is the better pistol and why?

I have shot the Kahr, and I own the SR9c. If memory serves, you can hold more rounds in the Ruger, and can also use full-size mags. While you may not want to carry with the full size mag, I think having full size in reserve (pocket) is a big defense advantage.

I can't speak for the reliability of Kahr, but I can tell you I've never had a problem with my Ruger and have had it as my EDC since I bought it. It's eaten and spit out every round I've run through it.

Oh, and the Ruger just looks nicer!
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Opposite of Philadelphia Patriot I have a CW9 and know nothing of the other. Loved and carried the gun my first few years of licensed carry.

I would guess the difference, and which you'd choose, would come down to concealability if you choose to go the CC route. The Kahr would be easier, it's a smaller thinner gun.

The Kahr is a good accurate gun. I did have a few feed issues at first but it worked itself out, I think the mags were tight and needed to been worked a bit.

The only reason I no longer carry it is I lost my faith in it when the trigger bar broke, but that was after well over 4000 round had been through it. Kahr took care of the problem no charge other than my cost to ship it to them. I know mechanical problems can happen to any gun and the Kahr still shoots as straight as an arrow, I can hit 8 inch steel plates at 25 yards with it fairly consistently, but mentally I can't get past it breaking to carry it. I still enjoy shooting it from time to time.
I'll admit I'm bias toward the cw9.
I will also admit the couple times I shot a sr9 I was surprised the trigger didn't seem to be a typical crap Ruger trigger.

I would say they are both good reliable arms.
For me I am fond of the point and shoot handguns without a conventional safety. Being a south paw I rely on wheel guns and similar handguns without a safety, understnading the sr9 is ambi.
With that in mind I found the safety awkward, and the loaded indicator flag/tang that pops up on the slide I found a bit distracting, and a bit vomit enducing, YMMV.

Good luck with your choice.
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