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Kampf Says He'd Consider Tougher Gun Laws
Interesting article.

Quote:In the aftermath of the Aurora shooting that killed 12, injured 58, and renewed a national conversation about gun control, state Rep. Warren Kampf (R-157) signaled a willingness this week to consider legislation that would place restrictions on gun ownership in Pennsylvania.

“I can’t ignore what happened in Aurora,” he told a group of constituents at Phoenixville High School on July 30.

“I was a prosecutor for five years in Philadelphia and York County and a public defender here in Chester County, so I’m somewhat up close and personal with the effect of gun crime.”

He emphasized that any reform would face long odds though; reminding the audience that many of his colleagues in the Pennsylvania legislature, especially those from the western part of the state, view the second amendment as sacred. Some not only receive contributions from the NRA, he added, but are members themselves.

“The National Rifle Association is a very powerful lobby in Pennsylvania,” he said

Kampf added that even if a bill were to make it through the legislature and into law, it would be unlikely to survive the scrutiny of the courts. The prevailing jurisprudence is hostile to gun control measures, he pointed out, citing laws in Chicago and Washington, DC that were struck down by the Supreme Court. He said he’d be unwilling to support legislation that precedent suggests would be invalidated by the courts.

“I’m also not going to vote for something that’s just a show and not going to pass muster with the Supreme Court. And I’m also not going to vote for legislation that sounds good; I’d like it to pass muster with me as something that could have an impact,” the representative said.

Though he added that there is, to his knowledge, no gun control bill pending in either house, he expressed alarm that the weapon used in the Aurora shooting is available for instant purchase in the Commonwealth.

“There are no restrictions at all on ammunition purchases [in Pennsylvania]. I also believe that long rifles can be traded or bought without a background check. And I believe…that the AR-15 that was used in Aurora would fall under that definition. Those things concern me, so I’m going to take a look at them. But I’d have to see a piece of legislation, and I don’t have one in front of me."
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Sounds like a half assed attempt at getting in the antis good books. He says he would consider tougher gun laws as long as they don't violate the Heller and McDonald rulings. That's like Bush saying he'd sign a renewed AWB if it got to his desk but knowing there was no chance it would get that far.
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There should never be gun control bills in the house.
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Im about sick and tired of all this Anti 2A shit. What part of will not be infringed do they not understand? What part of making it illegal means only criminals will have them?Angry
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You know what, at least he honest about it. A lot of politicians only let out what they think people want to hear. I would rather want a politician to say what they will really do vs. what they think I want to hear. He has a right to his opinion.

The unfortunate part is that while I respect the honesty, I do not agree with the position he is taking and would weigh heavily against him in a race I was voting in. (depending upon the other candidate)

There in lies one of the frustrating things about politics that explains a lot about many of our politicians.

Be a stand up person and tell the truth about your stance on controversial topics, lose a lot of people right off the bat and possibly the election.

Be a shady character, hedge your bets playing both sides of the issue to your advantage = getting elected.
Everytime we look the other way when someone else loses rights we disagree with, we make it easier to lose the rights we support.

This dumb motherfucker needs a swift talking to.
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Why are we discussing something that is two months old? Isn't there more recent political idiocy that we can tear into?
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GregorOneEye;20761 Wrote:This dumb motherfucker needs a swift talking to.

He might be sitting in mein kampfy chair.
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das;20752 Wrote:Im about sick and tired of all this Anti 2A shit. What part of will not be infringed do they not understand? What part of making it illegal means only criminals will have them?Angry

They understand, they just don't care. Do you really think these "anti crime" gun control laws are to prevent crime? No. They are designed to disarm to population so the power hungry sociopaths in office can usurp more power and collect more bribes without worrying about being ventilated by an irate populace.
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