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Lack of CS by RCBS
I recently bought a set of RCBS small base dies. When I went to seat the bullets (V-Max) all the bullet tips were distorted. I called RCBS and they told me to send them 3 bullets and $20.00 and they would send me a seating stem that would work with the V-Max bullets. I could understand them wanting to be paid if the bullet was not a common shape or some other reason. I bought a set of Redding dies and they work perfectly with the V-Max bullets. When I was decapping some range brass I wound up bending the decapping stem. I called Redding expecting to be charged, because it was my fault. Instead they sent me 3 decapping pin and a new decapping stem for free. That is good customer Service.
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It surprises me to hear that. I've had great customer service from RCBS. A few times I contacted them for either something I damaged or lost, or for a missing part on something I bought used, each time expecting to pay for the part plus postage. Each time they sent me exactly what I needed, very quickly and at no cost to me whatsoever.
ETA: Each time I told them exactly why I needed the replacement and the fact that the part was missing from something I bought used wasn't an issue.
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