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Lancaster county police video.
Hopefully these officer will get corrective training.
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What did they say? It wouldn't play for me
Mitch10mm;31796 Wrote:What did they say? It wouldn't play for me

Requests/demands for ID with no RAS. Also, told the guy to stop recording because it was an illegal wiretap.

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Officer approached a guy taking pictures of 283 from a bridge, asking what he was doing and why. Guy answered. Police asked for ID. Guy refused. Police demanded ID, blocked his car in, told him he HAD to show ID and that video taping a police officer was illegal, citing wiretapping laws which we all know do NOT apply to Police Officers acting in official capacity. Guy reluctantly handed over ID.

Here is the original video from the guys YouTube page.

Photographers self-explanation.
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Sigh. The sad part is most people say, "what's the big deal"? They talk about freedom, about our soldiers fighting for freedom etc and something simple like this, they, themselves rollover because it's easier and they have nothing to hide.

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