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Laughing at the Issues: This New Ad Attacking Biden’s Debate Performance is Brutal
I watched the debate with a completely open mind...while I know I'm voting for R/R, I truly wanted to hear what both men had to say. Unfortunately, Joe Biden...the Vice President of the United States of America...came across as a condescending, pedantic, antisocial, controlling buffoon with absolutley no self-control.

Here's the gameplan, Joe: laugh like a goddamned idiot, disrupt the entire proceedings so the nation will know what a lousy human you truly are, then turn to the camera and spout dogma designed to scare the pants off an eighteen year old, while exhibiting the candor and grace of a Pakistani rug salesman.

Good show, total dick.
With cheese, Grommet.
And the thing that is the most disturbing, to me, is that all the Obama kool aid gang is crowing about how great Biden was and how he really "whooped Ryan's ass." I guess I must have missed that. He looked like a crass, uncouth buffoon. The murders of Americans is nothing to laugh about, but he saw fit to laugh when Ryan brought it up.

Biden gave the GOP an early Christmas present. Smilin' Joe's mug needs to be on every ad they can come up with to show how funny he thinks it is that millions are out of work and our country is one step away from going down in flames on their watch.

Do I think R&R have the magic formula? Nope, but they're not laughing about it, either.
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