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LCP carry ammo.
What are yinz using for your carry ammo in your LCPs?

I bought a box of 20 buffalo bore 90gr+p, and had two FTF in the one magazine of it that I shot.

The gun fed 50 rounds of 95gr FMJ without fail.

I guess I should have brought more of the Buffalo bore with me, but at that price and rarity, I didn't plan on wasting the whole box at the range. But now, I'm not confident in carrying with it.

This gun will be carried rarely, anyway, with my HKs as my primary daily carry.

Otherwise, this thing was dead on balls accurate. Great little piece, for the price.

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I have had good results with Remington Golden Saber in all of my pistols. YMMV. Worth a try if you can find them.
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I use the BB 90 grain +p stuff. I switched out my recoil rod w/ a stainless steel rod and replaced the 9 lbs spring with a 13 lbs spring. I shot 6 rounds of the BB without any problems. I've also shot a lot of FMJ rounds (probably 200-250 rounds) through my lcp without any problems, but I use to have a problem chambering the first round after inserting the mag into my pistol. The slide would sometimes not go forward all the way and lock into place. The 13 lbs spring now chambers the first round without any problems.

Edit: Before I started carrying BB 90 grain +p, I use to carry Speer Gold Dots. I shot 6 rounds of the stuff through my lcp without any problems.

Also what kind of FTF problems did you have? Hard primers or bad primers? Light primer strikes?
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Sorry, I was using FTF as "failure to feed." The gun went "bang" every time, once in battery.

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Send your gun to a real gunsmith and have him do a reliability package. Your trusting your life to this gun working someday, (possibly) but its your call.
I'm using Speer Gold Dot 90gr.
It goes bang.
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I'm using Speer Gold Dot.

I tried Corbon, but had some problems with FTF.

I've had a couple different .380 and .32acp and they can be a little finicky. You need to try a few brands.
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I use the BB same flavor as you tried and have never had a problem. That said, I've only shot 2 mags of it at one time. I've also shot a couple of boxes of hornady critical defense without a hiccup.
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I guess I'll just have to invest in some try outs.

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JustinHEMI;102144 Wrote:I guess I'll just have to invest in some try outs.


I'm happy with 90g Critical Defense.

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