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LEO Encounter PSP
Over the 4th of July holiday, I believe it was Sunday, I was pumping fuel into my truck off of the Greentown exit of I-84 in NEPA O.C. my S&W M&Pc like I always do, when a PSP car pulls in behind me to get gas. Im facing the bed of my truck and he is behind me so my strong side is toward him. He starts pumping and out of the corner of my eye I see him walking toward me.

PSP Officer: Hey how are u ?
Me: Fine thank you, and you ?

PSP: Im well, can i ask what kind of weapon you are carrying
Me: Its a Smith & Wesson M&P compact model chambered in .357 Sig.

PSP: Nice caliber, fast round..
Me: thanks I like it.

PSP: Do u have a valid License to Carry a Firearm
Me: sure do

PSP: DO u mind if i see it, I mean technically right at this very second you are OC and not required to show it but I kinda know u came from and are about to get back into a vehicle.

Me: Sure

(I hand it to him and I hanve my DL in the same pocket so when one came out so did the other)

PSP: I dont need the ID
Me: OK

He glanced at it for im betting 3 seconds, never called it in, never drew his firearm at me or threw me on the ground

PSP: Here u go Have a nice holiday and stay safe. (it was the 4th weekend)

Me: dont worry I have my own safety covered the best way I know how to.

PSP: yes you do, with the world we live in I wish more people would think like you do.

Me: Ok I gotta go, you stay safe out there too.

Whole think lasted maybe 2 minutes.

We shook hands and I got back in my truck and left. I never caught his name, I prob should have but I was in kind of a hurry. My phone was in my truck so there is no audio or video.

Sorry I know u all like video.

Overall I think he was pretty cool and was a good encounter.
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That was a good one. I wonder if he was called and had to check in? Even still, glad to hear it went well..that's how they should all go.
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I doubt he was called in; the area's pretty rural, and gun friendly, like most of Wayne County. The PSP are always in that area, too, and are generally super-friendly. There are enough NY/NJ transplants in the area, but they havent changed the culture there like they have in the Poconos.
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Camper;149433 Wrote:That was a good one. I wonder if he was called and had to check in? Even still, glad to hear it went well..that's how they should all go.

He Was getting gas, as it was pumping he came to me . .

I dont believe he was called
RJB_SCRANTON, proud to be a member of since Oct 2012.
It's refreshing to hear good encounters like this one.
The law? The law is a human institution...
csmith;149437 Wrote:It's refreshing to hear good encounters like this one.

Ya, usually I can pick up on a LEO fishing . . This one didnt seem to me like he was. He literially looked at my LTCF for 2-3 seconds. I think just verifying the picture matched my face and it was valid. Then he handed it back to me. He was never not nice to me . . .
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One could argue that he shouldn't have asked to see your LTCF because he had no real reason to believe you were breaking any laws, and no doubt one could draw up a comparison on the grounds that he did not ask to see your drivers license even though you were getting out of and getting back into your vehicle. All good points. TBH though it sounds like more than anything he just wanted to strike up conversation with you.
The law? The law is a human institution...
Of all the LEO interactions I've had, the ones with staties have almost always been stellar, whether it's gettting pulled over or on foot. Years ago, my van caught fire at the Hickory Run rest area, the one with the gas station and food. A statie showed up along with the local fire department. I was open carrying, and not once during the whole ordeal did he even mention my gun or ask for a license; all he wanted was to make sure the van was legal, that there were no hazardous materials in it, and if anyone was injured.

Another time I was pulled over for speeding on 435 in Daleville; it was my parents' brand new Lincoln Towncar car, I had the music blasting, and didn't realize I was speeding until I saw the lights behind me. Gun was on the passenger seat. I stopped, rolled my window down, apologized profusely for speeding. He saw the gun, asked me not to touch it, asked for my ID, license, and car papers. He came back, and let me off with a verbal warning, and asked if it was a Colt (it was my dad's Officer's model). I've had a few other encounters, and they've been the same.

They're some of the best trained officers I've ever met, anywhere in the country. A friend of Molly's just completed his training, and is now a statie, I forget where. He's very pro-2A, and says that a majjority of the guys he went through training with were, as well, so that's pretty awesome.
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I suppose the argument COULD be made, just as the argument could be made whether concealing a handgun could alone provide RAS for an officer to demand a license; in theory, if a cop sees you printing, does he really have the legal right to detain you for the purposes of identification and vetting, because he assumes you might have a concealed firearm? It's a fuzzy line there. The statie saw him gassing his car, and assumed he was driving it, and was planning to drive it again shortly, both of which require him to be licensed, or have a resident license from another state. Did he need to? Probably not. But he, and I as well, err on the side of caution, I guess.

But it's still a good question.
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Every state trooper I've seen in PA has been awesome to me. Never an issue with my firearm or an attitude. In general almost every police officer that has pulled me over since age 30 has been ok. One local was a dick sort of but when he realized I wasn't going to play his game nor allow him to play his game he stopped acting like a douche.

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