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Let's see those Shotguns
Thanks for the kind words EM, the Russian Boar sure is good at leaving piles of empty hulls and mile wide grins! When you're ready to journey down the V12 rabbit hole for yourself, let me know. I'd gladly help you through any trouble you might find.
[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]
Even a sewer pipe needs cleaned from time to time. The Russian Boar with a Russian Mosin on overwatch during downtime. The perfect pair...

[Image: 20160806_183527_zpsaewduuuf.jpg]

Check out THIS fouling. Heat test suggests it's just wad shavings caked in, maybe trace amounts of carbon and lead. It melts and smells like plastic burning...

[Image: 20160806_180017_zps9c0ppkv4.jpg]

V12, back in service...

[Image: 20160806_210637_zpsb5s5muf2.jpg]

[Image: 20160806_210719_zpszqt1jqa2.jpg]

[Image: 20160806_210815_zpsmwh0ud2p.jpg]

Drops mic... Big Grin
[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]
[Image: image_zpsod6akluv.jpeg]
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My son's 870.  You better hang on tight when shooting buckshot out of this thing.  He also has a Maverick 88.

[Image: 24ytm6g.jpg]

I like my single shot NEF Pardner.  Mild with bird shot, but kicks like a mule with slugs. I replaced the wood stock with synthetic.

[Image: 2jf13rk.jpg]
MikeP, just an old guy that smells of garlic.

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