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Liberal think tank vows national campaign to push for more gun control
Quote:Liberal think tank vows national campaign to push for more gun control

Published January 13, 2013

The president of the Center for American Progress said Sunday the influential liberal think tank will mount a full-scale campaign to push for more gun control.

Neera Tanden told “Fox News Sunday” the Center for American Progress will “absolutely” launch a major campaign in states across the country.

Tanden also downplayed the fact that groups supporting more gun control were severely outspent during the 2012 election cycle in which the influential National Rifle Association spent $20 million in backing candidates.

“They had a really low return on their investment,” Tanden told Fox. “Still, the NRA is a very strong lobby.”

Tanden spoke after a report published by The Washington Post stated the group is recommending 13 new gun policies to the White House, including some that call for executive action that sidesteps congressional approval.

The proposals include requiring universal background checks, banning military-grade assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips and updating data systems to track gun sales and enforce existing laws, according to The Washington Post, which said the proposals “amount to the progressive community's wish list.”

Tanden said the idea of executive action would be on some of the smaller issues, such as federal employees giving gun-ownership information to the president.

She also argues that both sides can find common ground on tougher background checks.

Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, disagreed with that notion.

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Liberal think tank. Isnt that an oxymoron?
das, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.
Ironic, tanks are just a big moving gun.
Vampire pig man since September 2012
I hate the CAP. There have been dozens of instances I have seen in news clips where various Democrats are standing at a podium giving a speech with the center for American progress banner adorning the wall behind them.

They are more than a so called think tank, IMHO.
n1fhpa, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.
It's George Soreass's think tank.....need I say more?

But the good news is.......

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''''and you wonder why...the empire is crashing.
"In 4 more OMao years you won't like how America looks....I guarantee it."
“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” -- Thomas Jefferson
Good luck getting universal background checks with an EO. Requirements for those are a federal law.
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