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Liberals actually hate Obama's policies.
kevindsingleton;31212 Wrote:
ByblosHex;31161 Wrote:I'd venture to guess that the majority of liberals are equally ignorant of the facts. They may not understand the liberal ideology and it's inevitable consequences. Yes they put their time and energy towards the liberal movement ignorant of what it really means. Being a liberal requires very little and even less thinking and reasoning. If you think everyone should be wealthy, the hungry should be fed, the naked should be clothed and the rich should be generous; you have what it takes to be a liberal. Now; there's nothing wrong with those ideals inherently, but, there's more involved in politics and policies than ideologies. Much of it lies in how those goals are accomplished and what the consequences are. I think that even without throwing off those ideologies and simply thinking reasonably and logically about how to accomplish those ideologies transforms one in to becoming more conservative. Especially when examining the facts.

I strongly suspect that the majority of employed male "liberals" are either trying to fit in with a certain (hipster) crowd, or chasing liberal tail.

It doesn't take a dissertation to explain the motivation!

It doesn't. The motivation is the source of the behaviour and the education and media the source of the motivation. They don't even decide their own motivations and goals. They aspire to be what they're told they should want to be even against their own natures.
"As I lay rubber down the street I pray for traction I can keep, but if I spin and begin to slide, please dear God, protect my sweet ride."
The aspect that is so troubling and surprising to me, is that even when brought up to speed, they wax and wiggle to provide comfort to themselves. There's nothing more pathetic than a coward, and most (liberal) folks seem to bask in the self-designed blindness, fear and uncertainty of their skewed misconceptions about nearly everything they encounter different than their usually limited world view. Show them a mirror, and they'll consistently see something other than their reflection. Sad...
With cheese, Grommet.

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