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Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics – and the Republican Party Platform
excellent piece here.


Quote:At a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor held just before the Republican National Convention began, House Speaker John Boehner, when asked about the new Republican Party Platform, said: "If it were up to me I would have the platform on one sheet of paper. Have you ever met anybody who read the party platform? I’ve not met ever anybody."

This must have been disheartening to the Republican activists from around the country who worked for months just to earn the right to attend the convention in order to have a chance of contributing to the party platform. Each state delegation assigns two of its members to a special committee that works on the platform and then presents it to the full convention for approval.

Well, I do read party platforms, and I have read the new 2012 Republican Party Platform – the preamble and every word on its 54 pages. The authors of the platform obviously think it is an important document. The preamble opens and closes with these statements:
The 2012 Republican Platform is a statement of who we are and what we believe as a Party and our vision for a stronger and freer America.

We respectfully submit this platform to the American people. It is both a vision of where we are headed and an invitation to join us in that journey.

Writing in the Washington Times, conservative Phyllis Schlafly says the new Republican Party platform "may be the best one ever adopted." It is "an excellent document written by grass-roots conservatives. It is a true reflection of American values."

But since when do American values consist of recycled clichés, pious platitudes, manifest hypocrisy, vain assurances, empty promises, and blatant lies?

after the preamble, the Republican Party platform contains six chapters:
[ol][li] Restoring the American Dream: Rebuilding the Economy and Creating Jobs[/li][li] We The People: A Restoration of Constitutional Government [/li][li] America’s Natural Resources: Energy, Agriculture and the Environment[/li][li] Reforming Government to Serve the People[/li][li] Renewing American Values to Build Healthy Families, Great Schools and Safe Neighborhoods[/li][li] American Exceptionalism[/li][/ol]
But before looking at each of these chapters, we need to review a little Republican Party history first.

The Republicans controlled the House and Senate for the last six years of Clinton’s presidency (January 1995–January 2001). This was the first time the Republicans had controlled the entire Congress since the 83rd Congress under President Eisenhower (January 1953–January 1955). The Republicans controlled both the Congress and the presidency from the inauguration of George Bush on January 20, 2001, until May 24, 2001, when Republican senator Jim Jeffords switched from Republican to Independent. In the 2002 midterm election, the Republicans regained control of the Senate, but then lost both Houses to the Democrats in the 2006 midterm election. This means that for over four years the Republican Party was in complete control of the government like the Democratic Party was during Clinton’s first two years as president. The Republicans regained control of the House in the 2010 midterm election.

The importance of this history lesson will be evident as we go through the Republican platform section by section.
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So what is your point Andrew. I must be missing something.[Image: huh.gif]
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(09-12-2012, 04:40 PM)das Wrote: So what is your point Andrew. I must be missing something.[Image: huh.gif]

His point is that he wants four more years of Obama.
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(09-12-2012, 04:40 PM)das Wrote: So what is your point Andrew. I must be missing something.[Image: huh.gif]

the point of the creation of the thread and the URL I linked to is that the republican party is not the party of limited government; they're just the party of republican control and government.

(09-12-2012, 04:41 PM)ehidle Wrote:
(09-12-2012, 04:40 PM)das Wrote: So what is your point Andrew. I must be missing something.[Image: huh.gif]

His point is that he wants four more years of Obama.

please don't put words in my mouth.

(09-12-2012, 04:44 PM)IronSight Wrote: So the republican party is full of hypocrisy?  Yeah, I'm as surprised by that as I am by the revelation that the democratic party is too.

as I'm sure you know, some people believe the republican party actually wants to bring about smaller government, but it fails miserably to accomplish such goals when it's in power to do such a thing.
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Which is why there is so much turmoil within the party.  The Tea Party recognizes how far the Republicans strayed from their mission statement.  That is why Dick Lugar is now out of a job.

Look at how much the Dems hate the Tea Party members.  That gives me great hope.  The time for compromise on core issues is over.  If it means bringing government to a grinding halt, that is preferable to "compromise" that continues to bloat it.
He was the sort of person who stood on mountaintops during thunderstorms in wet copper armour shouting "All the Gods are bastards."
I think it was this morning that Jim Quinn said something along the lines of "if the Republicans can't defeat Obama in this election it will be the end of the Republican party....which will be replace by the Tea Party." Thats not a direct quote but it sums up what he was saying.

I still think Paul W.S. Anderson said it best "Whoever wins....we lose."
"What you're feeling now ain't the worst pain. The worst thing is not feeling the hurt anymore."
I think you are all missing an important point. If they ever develop an engine that runs on hot air we're going to be happy to have all the politicians, be they dems, republicans, or independents
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I figured this would be a good addition to the conversation. I wish I still had my list of tea party liars so I can go through the names and pick out which ones continue to fool the public. It's not the letter after your name that should be looked at, its the voting record.
We should not forget that the spark which ignited the American Revolution was caused by the British attempt to confiscate the firearms of the colonists. - Patrick Henry

(09-12-2012, 08:39 PM)IronSight Wrote: If they lose this year, which I am betting will happen, you'll have a party that has to figure out what the hell is causing the independents and moderates to flee to the other side.  Maybe moderates are sick of fiscal conservatives who propose budgets that don't handle the deficit or the debt, people in the middle will leave the Republicans because they don't like them NOT being fiscally conservative, so they shift to the Democrats who are notoriously NOT fiscally conservative?

That doesn't make any sense at all, unless the people are opportunistic and only voting for whoever will give them the most benefit.

And there is NO cure for that.
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