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Limbaugh: Obama Release of Illegals ‘An Impeachable Offense’
ByblosHex;85032 Wrote:
andrewjs18;84960 Wrote:this is where I'd disagree with Rush and say that no, the war on drugs is terrible and needs to be ended. If we are to respect liberty, we need to realize that if a human being owns their body, they should be able to ingest whatever they wish, even if it's not something we'd do or agree with.

I'm not sure you're understanding your own words you're typing. If you had a porn problem and then spoke out against the very things that fuels your problem, that'd make you a hypocrite by any English standards in the world.

An alcoholic belittling others who drink is a hypocrite
A drug user who belittles others who use drugs is being a hypocrite
etc., etc...

I didn't say that Rush supports the war on drugs. I do not believe that he does; that doesn't mean he isn't oustoken against drug use. It's possible to be both, opposed to the war on drugs and outspoken against drug use. I know that I am.

It does not make you a hypocrite by the English standards of the word. If that's how you choose to interpret it, so be it, but according to my dictionary hypocrisy applies to values and beliefs. Being hypocritical is opposing one's own teachings, not failing to master them. If I'm a drug addict and hate that I'm a drug addict it doesn't make me a hypocrite. Obama is a hypocrite, not because he fails to accomplish what he claims, but because he actively works against his own stated plans.

Who said anything about belittling drug users or alcohol abusers? Where does that come in? Agree to disagree on the intended meaning of the word, it's irelevant. The point still stands, he is right on the facts, as usual. You also haven't really debated anything he's said except made more false characterizations of his character. First you accused him of equating homosexuality with pedopelia. You were wrong. Then you accuse him of being a warmonger. You're wrong. Then you went back to attack him for his past problems that he's since overcome. Stay classy Andrew, pretty soon you'll be getting an email from the Democratic National Convention to write their campaign ads.

Rush does support the war on drugs, like a fair amount of conservatives. look it up if you don't believe me, I'm sure you'll find lots of quotes that he made himself on the issue. This was also while he was addicted to drugs himself which makes him a hypocrite.

I really don't like doing this, but this is what webster's has to say on 'hypocrite':

Quote:Definition of HYPOCRITE
: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

Examples of HYPOCRITE

the hypocrites who criticize other people for not voting but who don't always vote themselves

We can learn a good deal about the manners and morals of the times from Lautrec, for he was neither a hypocrite nor a sentimentalist, and there is a matter-of-fact-ness about his vision … that precludes both nostalgia and prurience. —Elizabeth Cowling, Times Literary Supplement, 8 Nov. 1991

so yes, being a druggy and then ragging on others for doing drugs would most definitely fit the mold of being a hypocrite.

first you should go back and reread what you originally wrote in this thread. you said that 'he's almost always right'. you didn't say in his opinions or in his facts, which, could still be debatable depending on how they're interpreted or skewed to fit an argument.

Rush is pro-war (is there really any war he doesn't like?) and pro-war on drugs (again, he advocated for stricter sentences for drug users/sellers in the past).

The only thing I'd write for the democrats is how to get back to their house and stop voting. Big Grin
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You're confusing hypocrisy with duplicity.

Also, I do not believe that he its pro war.
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ByblosHex;85142 Wrote:You're confusing hypocrisy with duplicity.

Also, I do not believe that he its pro war.

I don't believe I am, but even if I were, are they still not a bizarre act of irony?

he's a war apologist. go check it out when you've got some time.

I'm getting back to tuning up some linux servers. Tongue
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