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Livestreaming video: SWAT called to gateway center, hostage situation
Apparently SWAT teams have been called to the Gateway Center in downtown Pittsburgh.

This link goes to live video as of 10:00am Friday September 21.

ETA: Seems the person is holding at least one person hostage and it is on the 16th floor. All Pittsburgh police on duty have been called to respond to the situtation. I know we have some Burgh cops safe.
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Wow, I was about to start a thread on this when I saw that this thread has had no response in over 2 /12 hours. Huh

Here's CNN's latest on it...

Quote:Police: Gunman holds hostage in Pittsburgh high-rise

[Updated at 11:04 a.m.]Police are negotiating with a "relatively calm" gunman believed to be holding at least one person hostage in a downtown Pittsburgh high-rise, the city's police chief said Friday.

Police have identified the suspect, and know that he was once in the military, but won't divulge his name, Chief Nathan Harper said. They believe one hostage was targeted by the alleged hostage-taker, Harper said.

The situation is contained to one room of a suite on the 16th floor of Gateway Center building number 3, Harper said. As of 10:55 a.m., no one had been hurt and no shots had been fired, Harper added.

The police chief said the incident is happening at a company called CW Breitsman Associates, which handles money for pension funds.

Police received calls shortly after 8:15 a.m., reporting a man with a gun. Some witnesses reported he was carrying at two duffel bags. Harper said the suspect also claimed to have a bomb.

Several people who work in the building told local television stations that police had evacuated them from the building. Harper said since the incident was contained to one room, evacuations were minimal, and people were still occupying other parts of the skyscraper.

Jim Garra, who works at AXA on the 16th floor, told WTAE that when he arrived at work around 8:10 a.m., security officers were milling about. When he took the elevator to his office, he found a commotion, including a woman he described as "hysterical, on the phone," describing an intruder in the building. Garra said he locked the door to his office until police came to evacuate it.

Public transportation has been shut down at Gateway Center, and police have blocked off nearby roads as well.
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He was live posting to his facebook account and his page vanished.

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Here is a little background on Mr. Thaxton.
Wonder why was he on the street so soon?
Who wants to be that it's in a "gun free" zone?
As of a few minutes ago, NBC is reporting that he has surrender and no one has been hurt.

Quote:Updated at 1:47 p.m. ET: An armed man who took a hostage inside a Pittsburgh high-rise building has released his hostage and surrendered, authorities said.

Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper identified the suspect as 22-year-old Klein Michael Thaxton. Harper said Thaxton entered the 16th floor office of a benefits administration firm around 8 a.m. and asked for the man he eventually took hostage.

Police had evacuated the downtown Pittsburgh building, Three Gateway Center, and surrounded it with county, state and federal agents.

During the standoff, Harper made a public plea for people to stop communicating with the suspect on social network sites. The suspect had been posting Facebook updates as police tried to negotiate with the suspect. The Facebook page was later removed, NBC News has confirmed.

“No one has been hurt at this time. There have been no shots fired at this time. The individual walked in to the investment office and started asking questions," Harper said.

It is not clear if Thaxton, who police said is in his 20s, was an employee in the building. Police said he was a former member of the military and has a criminal background.

Harper said Thaxton had been calm and cooperative during the negotiations, and had not made any demands.

Follow breaking news alerts on the hostage situation in Pittsburgh

Thaxton's mother was taken into the building had tried to reach out to him.

The 16th floor had been placed on lockdown, and parts of the building have been evacuated.

Workers were seen walking away from the Gateway Center complex, which is a high-rise building complex with four buildings. Police were urging people to stay away from the scene. Bus routes in the area have been rerouted and the Fort Pitt Bridge is closed.

Thaxton has had run-ins with the law before. Police reportedly took him into custody last year after a lengthy chase that ended with him jumping from the roof of an auto body shop in Pittsburgh.
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