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Looting and Rioting in St Louis county Missouri.
Got an alert on my scanner app. Nothing found in the news yet. Properties smashed, police injured, large crowds. That's all I've heard so far...

What I'm listening to...
I'm listening to the "St. Ann Police" scanner audio feed.

You can listen using your computer by going to and you can also listen using an Android phone or tablet using the "Scanner Radio" Android app (you can download it from the Google Play Store by going to ).
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Shots fired

Multiple burglar alarms going off one by one as they make their way down a shopping plaza.
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I mentioned this in another thread but evidently it came across as racist of me....
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Well, the scanner feed went offline shortly after the alert was posted. This is usually normal with the traffic flooding the servers.

And then I noticed this...

[Image: 2vl78eu.png]
[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]
A quick Google search brings up several white men shot by police, even unarmed. This is out of hand.

In one article the mother is quoted as saying the cop should have "subdued him with a club or taser" and said that the cop deserves the death penalty.

Now....why would her son need subdued with a taser if he was innocent enough to merit trashing an entire town?

Sigh. Love how Obama has helped bridge the racial divide in the country.....Dodgy
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It's only going to get worse.
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Why is it when the police do things like this the rage is taken out out in theft and damage of private property?
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Trolls will be trolls. You know who you are.

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So a vigil to end the violence ended in violence? How unusual.

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