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Louisville Kentucky "Purge"?
Scanner alert in Louisville Kentucky.

What I'm listening to...
I'm listening to the "Louisville Metro Police" scanner audio feed.

Quote:You can listen using your computer by going to and you can also listen using an Android phone or tablet using the "Scanner Radio" Android app (you can download it from the Google Play Store by going to ).
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[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]
Holy crap! 67K listeners.
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[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]
it says it offline, do you hear anything before it went down?

Found this guy blogging as he is listening to his scanner in Louisville.
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Let's hope this isn't the start of something more widespread and serious. Glad this didn't gain any more traction than it did.
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With social media the way it is, it won't take much pranking to make people uneasy. Once a few people start it, the copy cats go apeshit. If all they're doing is pranking and somebody bangs on the wrong door, they could get their ass handed to them in a hail of lead.

If they were really serious about it, they'd stay off social media and let it occur out of nowhere. There are other ways to plan stuff like this without broadcasting it.

Maggie Thatcher said it best, though: "The veneer of civilization is indeed very thin."
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So from what I could gather there was a "meme" posted by someone for fun and it was spread through popular "social media" yesterday afternoon. It was a movie poster for the new purge movie that someone had changed the town name to Louisville. Word got around quick and people started logging on to the broadcastify feed surging the listener count to almost 100,000 at the highest point last night. I listened for as long as I could last night and could hear them reference "purge" on the dispatch quite a few times. There were tons of reports of shots fired that probably turned out to be fireworks, people in a panic as the word spread leading to a lot of unnecessary calls to 911. I also heard reports of prank calls being made as well. I watched 4chan for a while too before the threads quickly 404'ed but from what I gathered it was just another night in Louisville.

What I take from this is there wasn't much needed to get a lot of people stirred up and I bet it wouldn't take much for something real to spread rather quickly. Givin the current atmosphere around the St. Louis events I wouldn't put it past some people to take it to the next level and actually act on these pranks.

Glad I don't live in a heavily populated area. You'ze guyz in Philly better be prepared.
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Yeah, these type of things are a pain in the ass but they really do give us some sort of research into the mind set of the general population! It's a tinder box out there folks...stay aware and prepared!
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I got bottled by a young boy, in Wilmington, DE, for the Rodney King incident that happened in LA. Point being, it doesn't matter what city, or how big a city it is, be careful. Lancaster, York, Elizabethtown, etc... Are just as likely to start up as say, Philly, Pittsburgh, or Harrisburg.
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