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Low Profile Bipods?
So I finally managed to scrounge up enough to get myself a good .308 bolt action, and now I'm on the road to fitting it to my shooting style. I've always been a prone or bench shooter, so I'm looking for a bipod.

Now I've got my Winchester Harris clone that I've been using on my AR for a long while, but it looks like a tumor on my bolt-action. It's also heavy and ungainly, not exactly good things for a rifle I plan to hunt with since it would get snagged on any little bush I happen to walk past. Something like the Demon Tactical bipod would be perfect, especially given the way it basically folds flush back against the stock when not in use. The problem is that other than product reviews, these things seem to have dropped off the face of the Earth.

To be honest, I don't need a bipod for hunting, but it's sure nice for at the range and I don't like to be constantly attaching and detaching things off my rifles. And the bipod I've got now really does look goofy hanging off the front.

Any suggestions?
I know this doesn't help you, but it's relevant to the topic:

[Image: integral-bi-pod.jpg]

That's an integral bipod of the Steyr Scout rifle. Folds up nicely into this:

[Image: nobipod.jpg]

Pretty cool design IMO.

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