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Mag-jic holster
RugerGirl;161657 Wrote:Yeah yeah. Rolleyes

I knew I shouldn't have gone into it, LOL, but seriously, one reason I rarely carry is because I am SO having trouble finding a holster carry method I can do on a daily basis! (NO flash bang either so don't even go there.)

How about the Travis Bickel sleeve holster? Secret Service approved.

[Image: 14uuipw.gif]
Ammunition, it's the new lead bullion. Buy it cheap and stack it deep.
Cant you go with an Alien Gear or a summer comfort?
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Bra holster?

Ankle holster?

One of those elastic-made-for-jogging-but-goes-around-the-stomach things?
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No bra holster....wouldn't conceal right.

Ankle, I wear skirts fairly often and even when wearing pants, I sit a lot at my jobs and it would end up showing.

Thigh holster...thought about it, but only works with skirts....don't really want to mess with garter straps though.

Belly band...tried it, hated it.

Smart Carry...tried works...carried in it for awhile....awkward to draw. Also does not really hold the gun securely.

Crossbreed tuckable....tried it...not comfy. Plus the mini tuck slides if your belt or waistband isn't tight enough.

Yeah I'm picky. So I really am thinking strongly about the magnetic one...I just think it would work for me. I watched a video about it and everything. As of right now I sold my LCP so I don't even carry my LC9 except occasionally in a concealed carry handbag, but never to work or anything like that because then I'd have to set the handbag down and I don't do that if I'm carrying via handbag. So I really need to get myself a holster I'm comfortable with that I can carry everywhere without it feeling like a royal pain in the butt or without feeling insecure about the carry.

A thigh one would be idea for being in public to where you have to use public restrooms but wouldn't work with pants, for concealment. So..meh.

I like that the magnetic one can also double as a car holster.
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Maybe a Pistol Wear PT-ONE or PR-2 would be right for you.

The draw is still about the same as a Smart Wear but holds the pistol much more securely. I use it for when I bike ride. It doesn't flop about and it does a good job of concealing. Bike shorts and fairly snug jerseys make carry and concealment pretty challenging. It's the best solution I've found and still keep the pistol on me.
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Well contrary to advice (sorry) I just ordered one, so I'll report back when I get it! Just got my P238 today (woo hoo, see Valentine thread for pic). I still have my Smart Carry from my LCP so it fits that (borderline too large but fits) so if I have to, I can use that.

Except that I'm not going to carry it at all until I get it to the range and shoot it for an hour or so. The sights are awesome though, I can't wait to see how it is to shoot with those. The ones on my LCP were crap so I had to use the CT on it but I don't have a laser on any of my other guns (except my husband has the built in one on his Bodyguard, which I hate, because you have to manually turn it on and off and who has time for that in a situation???)

It came with it's own holster but I don't like it at all! Anyway it's OWB carry and I don't prefer that.
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Extra post....
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