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Mag pouch
Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have been on the hunt for a mag pouch to carry some double stack glock magazines.

To give you a little back story...

Last year I fell victim to the allure of the Austrian legend and had it it my mind that while I love my revolvers and 1911, I need to become proficient with all sidearm platforms. Shrug Well that was the excuse that sounded most intelligent so I purchased a Glock 17. After about a year or so I think I have achieved my intended purpose and I have found that I actually really like the platform. So much so that I gave into my insatiable need for big boomers and bought a Glock 20SF.


I am smitten with the 10mm. This just has to be the greatest pistol round ever developed and oddly ignored. All of the nonsense about over penetration and recoil have been put to rest and if you shoot one in the flesh it is actually one of the most pleasant experiences. The recoil almost comes straight back at you, not too much muzzle rise, but its far and away much easier to shoot than .45 ACP.

Enough with that lets talk about the mag pouches. When I carry my 1911 I keep a spare in a blackhawk single plastic clip on. This is really beneficial because I carry my spare on my left side, and being a Vollunteer Firefighter means that I have to be able to take it off in a moments notice. I loop my belts starting on the left for when I am wearing a leather holster. If I think the occasion calls for it, I often put an extra mag in my pocket, but this method has served me for some time now.

When carrying the Glock(s) I really don't have anything to put a spare in. 17+1 and 15+1 doesn't make me real nervous about capacity but failures from mags do happen on occasion and I would still like to have a spare should I need it. Carrying one of the large magazines in my pocket is not as easy as when I have the single stack.

So my question to all of you is... What works well for you? What do you have or own, what is awful and should be avoided? Unfortunately the Blackhawk product does not allow enough room for the 10mm awesomeness so I need something a little more universal.

I look forward to your replies. Big Grin
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Look into Blade-Tech or Comp-Tac

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Things may be significantly different now that I have lost 30 pounds or so but I had a real difficult time with any vertical mag carriers. No matter where I put them on my belt the magazines would dig into my gut or love handles especially while in a car. The "tacticool" vest that I have came with two single mag horizontal carriers. I use one on my weak side and most of the time keep a second mag in my left cheek pocket inside a Remora mag pouch. Usually when I shoot IDPA I will snap a dual vertical carrier onto my belt without having to remove this one, one less thing to mess with arriving and departing the range.

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This is what I use for my Glocks:

Pricey, but high quality, and they snap on and off quite easily.
Kirkpatrick Leather Company (thanks to JustinHemi)

[Image: bikini-single-magazine.jpg]
[Image: bikini-double-magazine.jpg]
[Image: bikini-maglight-holder.jpg]
[Image: inside-waistband-magazine.jpg]
[Image: double-magazine-pouch.jpg]
[Image: magazine-light-pouch.jpg]
[Image: compact-single-holder.jpg]

and more!
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
Thanks fellas. Still haven't made up my mind yet. Will keep you all updated.
JDP, proud to be a member of since Apr 2013.

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