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Magpul MOE Forearms
Im thinking about getting the MOE forearm for my M4. If you have them, please tell me if you like them. Do they provide enough ventilation for cooling?
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Yes, but the thermal dissipation properties of their polymers are pretty remarkable, too.  I've shot a buddy's rifle with said forearm, and it stays cooler than some of the early quadrails that came out years ago.
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I love MOE!  I got a FDE rifle length on one AR and liked it so much, I replaced the stock one on my 16" with a carbine length!  The look good, handle well and seem to stay cool.
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I used a rifle length MOE on an AR I built for my wife. It is a huge upgrade from the mil-spec forend. There is zero wobble, and it's so solid it almost feels like you're holding a solid chunk of plastic.
Thanks everyone going to order today.
das, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.

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