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Man carries gun into Somerset County School with LTCF
Heard on the news tonight.

Man walked into the Somerset County School armed with a pistol to pick up his kid. He told them he was allowed since he has a LTCF.

He wasn't arrested, but police are looking into it.

They did mention where it says "carry for lawful purpose" as his right to carry onto school grounds.

School said that this only applies to police.

State Police say that it is a Misdameanor 2 or 3.

Police are looking into it to see how they are going to handle it.

This should be interesting.

Publican has contacted the attorney of the person involved and has posted information about contributing to his legal defense here:

If you wish to give, please do so using that information. This thread has now been stickified.

-- Streaker
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If all is as it appears this might be the Supreme Court challenge needed for us here in PA. Let us ALL follow this closely and if it seems appropriate, help however we can!
Ladies of the Second Amendment

"I regard giving as necessary to right the balance" Hu Chung

I was just talking with the town solicitor and a fellow councilman (who is an NRA guy) that we haven't had that "test case" yet. This might be it. IF he gets charged and IF he fights it.

We shall see...


It's a heated debate in one local community and across the nation. Are weapons allowed in our schools? That's the question at Turkeyfoot Valley after the district said someone walked into the school on Friday with a gun and a carrying permit.

6 News found out Wednesday there is a law but it's fairly vague and it appears to be up to interpretation. The school district said it was told a person with a permit is allowed to carry a gun on school property, but the Somerset County district attorney said Wednesday she does not agree.

School official told 6 News it happened on Friday afternoon, the same day of the tragedy in Sandy Hook, Conn. When a guardian came to pick up the student, the person brought a concealed gun and a permit, allegedly attempting to prove a point.

The person's name has not been released and has not been arrested, even though a sign on the front of the building clearly states "weapons prohibited."
The Second Amendment does not GIVE us the right. It tells the gov they can not infringe our right.
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Quote:"Quite honestly the only reason we knew the person was carrying this concealed weapon was because they made a point to let the secretary know," said Pritt.

She said she does not believe the person meant to cause any harm and, in fact, she said her staff didn't seem alarmed. But when she found, she said she immediately notified state police in Somerset.

"They could not give us any clear cut answer," said Pritt. "The feeling at that time was a law had not been broken because of the concealed weapons laws that we have in place in the state of Pennsylvania."


Quote:While state police continue their investigation, the school district is pressing further and asking for the help of the Pennsylvania Attorney's General's Office and even the governor.

"If we need to go to the Supreme Court or reach President Obama, that is where we need to go with this," she said. "This isn't something directed just at our school district, this is for every child at every school."

Egads. The stupid are among us.
LET THEM PRESS THIS.......I for one will help however I can.
Ladies of the Second Amendment

"I regard giving as necessary to right the balance" Hu Chung

Publican;56649 Wrote:LET THEM PRESS THIS.......I for one will help however I can.

Both articles sound like the DA is firmly against the gun owner. I wonder when the next election cycle is for the DA...that could matter, too.
The gun owner will face charges and if it is fought he will lose. Sad but true..........
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Al Bundy.
Yes. He was clearly on a mission to kill. He must be stopped.
Good thing they stopped that gun before it ran down the hall by itself and went on a spree.

Will be interesting to watch this one. Bet we won't hear much else about it.
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I enjoy every minute of it.

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