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Man shoots other man who was beating up his son

Arizona dad fatally shoots man beating up son outside home Published October 15, 2012 Associated Press

MESA, Ariz. – Authorities say a Mesa father has fatally shot a man who was beating up his son outside his family's home.

Mesa police say a fight broke out in the front yard of the home around 5:30 a.m. Monday.

Police say the homeowner came out of the house to see his son being attacked and fired a weapon at the person beating up his son.

Read more at the link above. The son knew the attacker. The attacker is dead.
Everytime we look the other way when someone else loses rights we disagree with, we make it easier to lose the rights we support.

Going by the VERY limited information in that article, it appears that person that was shot came looking for trouble and found it.
If someone was beating up my son, and I yelled at them to stop, and they didn't, I would likely shoot them too.

I'm sure there is MUCH more to the story (and it may be revealed that the son deserved it) but that's likely what I would have done.
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Like others have said, nice reporting. Don't work in some basic information like the son's age. Was it his 5 year old son or his 35 year old son?
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I personally would not have shot the guy, though i would definitely have jumped in to help my kid or neighbor out.

People are trigger happy.
I would have fired several rounds into the air and then turned the gun sideways to let em know I was serious.
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Valorius;26311 Wrote:I personally would not have shot the guy, though i would definitely have jumped in to help my kid or neighbor out.

People are trigger happy.

I'm assuming that jumping in to intervene was not physically possible, and how do we know that the guy kicking the kids ass wouldn't have been able to kick the other guy's ass?

Too much unknown going on with this article (meaning, we have no idea due to non-reporting), but like I said...if someone was beating the hell out of my kid, and I dind't think I could 'take them' in a fight, and they didn't stop when I yelled to them to stop, and when seconds count the police are mere minutes away, what recourse is there other than using lethal force to protect someone from bodily harm?
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If an individual thinks it's acceptable to shoot anyone whose ass they think they cannot kick without even trying, honestly, that individual should not even have a gun. I've lost street fights. I never shot anyone.

The phrase "in fear of imminent death or grave bodily injury" seems to be quite relevant in this story.

Please illustrate for me where this story shows any of that, as reported...
Gotta go with Val on this. There needs to be a lot more info and the shooter had better had the fear of death or great injury to his son or himself to shoot and kill. You just can't shoot people because it's easier than getting sweaty
Valorius;26354 Wrote:Please illustrate for me where this story shows any of that, as reported...

Conversely, please show where there is evidence that there was NOT any "fear of imminent death or grave bodily injury."

The other dude could have been lining the sons face up to the curb like in American History X, and that's the point--we have no idea whatsoever because it was non-reporting.

My first thought (because imagination is all we can go on) was that the son was getting pummeled by the other dude like George Zimmerman was, and grave bodily injury was the goal. If George could shoot to kill in his own defense, why couldn't someone else do the same in George's defense?

Of course, when I hear the term 'beating up' I'm thinking of a hard core ass kicking with dude on the ground getting pummeled, and not a street fight.

Jumping in to intervene is not always realistic, you could create two victims and if you're carrying when you go to 'intervene' you could wind up shot with your own gun for wanting to see if you could try to take him mano el mano first. This could have been a mugging, or who knows what...if you're down, and the guy is there to steal, you're gun will be found and taken at a minimum.
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