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Man sought in beating of boy in Home Depot
Quote:Man sought in beating of boy in Home Depot

WHITEHALL TWP., Pa. - November 14, 2013 (WPVI) -- Police are looking for the man who beat a young boy with a belt inside a Home Depot in Lehigh County.

Witnesses say they saw the child screaming while being beaten in the middle of the store.

At this point, detectives are say they are looking for a 'person of interest,' and want to question him.

"They observed him with a doubled-over belt in his hand repeatedly striking the child," said Lt. Ribello Berton of Whitehall Township Police.

Investigators say about 10 to 12 witnesses watched as a man beat a six or seven year old child. A woman, believed to be his wife, carried a baby.

Two customers called 911 while others tried to intervene. The woman allegedly told those customers they had no right to tell her husband what to do.

The family then took off in a car, described as a white 2013 Infiniti.

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"Beaten" or disciplined? That is the real question.
The law? The law is a human institution...
Well I wouldn't do that in a store but honestly the law allows it as far as I know... not sure why but it might have been the best tool available to the father.
csmith;125509 Wrote:"Beaten" or disciplined? That is the real question.

If the pimp hand is so weak you need a belt to discipline your kid...
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A belt? Seriously?

Hell, I would've preferred the belt over some if the shit I used to get beaten with....Dodgy
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Thankfully they weren't in the hammer aisle.
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The part that sucks is parents who decide to A) go totally overboard beating the hell out of their kids instead of a simple ass-wailing and a few threats of further action and B) Do it in public to either make a spectacle out of their kids or because they're that fucking nuts that they feel a public lashing is a-okay.

I'm not opposed to an ass whipping, but a belt (as I learned as a kid) doesn't exactly convey a lesson, it can mentally and physically fuck you up. No one knows any limits anymore. Someone will call Children and Youth on someone for spanking a kid in a parking lot because assholes like this guy beat their kids and make all parents look bad. Shit like this just helps the liberal establishment take our parenting rights away. There's a limit, a belt in a store is well over that limit.
Mr_Gixxer;125519 Wrote:A belt? Seriously?

Hell, I would've preferred the belt over some if the shit I used to get beaten with....Dodgy

You and me both. Though, my dad usually witheld his corrections until we got home.

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csmith;125509 Wrote:"Beaten" or disciplined? That is the real question.

This. There's a difference. Giving a kid a few whacks on the ass while they're dressed isn't the same as whaling away for ten minutes on a naked one. The kid is lucky it wasn't my aunt whipping his ass; she would make me make my own switches from the bushes in her front yard, and then hand them over to her. That was longest five yard walk, ever, LOL.

I have had occasion to spank my kids in public. Just a swat on the ass to straighten them up. I've had to deal with passerby giving me shit for it, as well. One even threatened to call the police. I offered her the use of my phone, and when she declined, I told her to mind her business.

The idea that children are gifts from god, and should be cherished and coddled is ridiculous. Kids are pretty fucking horrible, compared with the rest of society, and more so than they were a few decades ago. They're pretty much sociopaths until the brain is fully developed. Now, this doesn't mean that all kids need spanking. My oldest, who just turned eleven, has yet to receive a real spanking. The most I've had to do with her is a pop upside the head. Timeouts seem to get the message across. My youngest....I forsee a lot of spankings when he's older. LOL.

Not that I've ever felt the need to use a belt on my kids, but I always reserve the right to use it.
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The use of a belt at HD shows a certain lack of discipline by the father as well as evidence that the spanking was more a result of his anger instead of just punishment.

If you ever want to teach a kid a lesson do as my mother did. If I did something belt worthy say on Tues she would say that on Friday at 6 pm come see me with a belt of your choice. She would also be kind enough to let me pick X hard smacks or XX not so hard. “X” depended on the crime. Honestly the wait was worse than the smacks. Friday at 5:45 was pure hell. Unlike others, for me lessons were learned. Biggest lesson was NOT to get caught Wink

All that said, at least the kid knows that it can come at any time – any place.

Despite all that I simply do not have it in me to take a belt to my kid, no matter how much she may deserve it.
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