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Marine Plus
My day started off with a trip out to meet Comsubin61 to buy a Galaxy Tab 2 for the wife for Christmas. Our HP Slate ended up with a broken charging port that I haven't fixed yet, and she had been wanting a larger tablet. My self and #1 son headed over to the bank and then we were going to stop by Costco to fill up the tank. For anyone that's owns a GM S10 series vehicle knows that eventually the fuel gauge sending unit eventually flakes out and you have no idea how much fuel you have. But I've been keeping track of my fuel mileage over the years so I know how much I normally get to a full tank.

Except for today, I had miscalculated because I had been towing my trailer some. We ran out of gas in the bank parking lot. I was able to let it coast backwards into a parking space and myself and the boy hiked up to a Getty Mart in hopes of buying a gas can. Ask the clerk if they have them, and he points me to them. Then he says in his best Apu imitation, "Oh, they are very expensive", damn right, $12 for a 1gallon can, but alas, I needed one. Then he tells me they don't have any gas, which means a hike to Costco, which is right near by. But it's raining...

In walks a man in a truck marked with Marine Plus and his phone number. I asked him if he would be able to take us over to Costco to get some gas and then drop us off at my car. He kindly obliges and we head off. Fill up the can, head back, put it all in the Jimmy and sure enough, it starts. We make it to the exit to the parking lot and it cuts out again. He drives up beside us and says to try cycling the key on/off a few times and then wait 4 seconds with the key on before trying to start it. Sure enough, get it started and I was able to pull out. The gentle hill to the light was enough for the gas to slosh to the back of the tank and we stall out again and it won't start.

He was following and stopped by and said he was calling one of his guys from the shop and they'd stop by with a 5 gallon tank and run us over to fill it up and get us going again. So we waited. After about 10 minutes one of his guys does show up with a full 5 gallon can and he gets us going again. Make it to Costco with no problem and fill up the tank fully.

While he was filling our tank, I thanked him thoroughly and I told him that I'm going to swing by with an 7.5HP Outboard engine that I don't need nor have time to fix up. They're welcome to fix it, or use it for parts. I know shops like this many times like having things they can strip parts off of.

Over all, Thank you very much Derek Grebinger of Marine Plus, you really helped us out. A great guy, friendly and if I have anything that my little boat needs done that I can't do, I'll be taking it over to him. He didn't need to help us out, but he went above and beyond and saved our day of meeting Comsubin61 and finishing our Christmas shopping for the family.

Derek, if you find this, thanks a lot, you're a great guy.
Very cool... glad to see there's still some decent folks around.

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