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Marine who died in Iraq won't get Medal of Honor
An article I read yesterday said Panetta just didn't want to overrule the previous Secretary......Good reason L(i)eon

SAN DIEGO – The secretary of defense has denied a request to upgrade a fallen Marine's Navy Cross to the Medal of Honor, a San Diego congressman's office said Wednesday.

The Pentagon told Rep. Duncan Hunter it supports the decision of former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who honored Sgt. Rafael Peralta with the Navy Cross instead of the military's highest honor.

Peralta was not conscious when his body smothered a grenade in Iraq in 2004, saving the lives of other Marines, Gates ruled in 2008.

The case was reopened this year after Hunter obtained a video of the battle action and a new forensics report. The lawmaker said the new evidence proved Peralta's actions were intentional.

But defense officials found the new evidence was not sufficient to change the decision, said Joe Kasper, Hunter's spokesman.

Pentagon spokesman Lt. Nate Christensen said he could not discuss the case, citing Defense Department policy to not comment on Medal of Honor nominations under consideration.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus told reporters during a visit to Camp Pendleton last week that he had recommended Peralta be honored with the Medal of Honor.

Peralta's family was informed of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's decision on Wednesday, Kasper said.

Hunter's office told them the congressman, a former combat Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, would continue to fight to get the medal upgraded.
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Hard call. The MoH needs to be exemplary in every possible form, and must leave little room for questioning the intent of the individual. A person who is dying anyway, who gives up their life, is not in the same league as someone who actually risks their lives when their life is not necessarily at risk.

That is NOT said to take away from the heroic actions of the individual in question, but to differentiate the MoH from all other medals as it is the HIGHEST military honor that can be inferred on an individual, and must be treated as such.

The Navy Cross is no joke to brush off either, we must make sure that is clear. That is an exceptionally respected award.
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At my high school one of our alumni did something very similar during the Vietnam War in order to save his platoon leader's live. He was awarded the silver star.
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Camper, in theory, you are 100% correct. However, in practice the theory falls miserabely short.
I used to never question the earning of medals. But, the last nine (9) years of deployments to Iraq, I question the entire system. In fact, I speak with Veterans from past wars WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam and I discovered pretty much the same thing. Certain people are given certain level's of awards and other's are dismissed as they are not of the political ilk or don't fit the bill of what someone should be or look like to recieve an award of a certain level of prestige. Frankly, it turns my stomach but all things considered, Politics are well and alive in our country and have infested every faucet.

As various veterans groups noted a few years ago, several years at war and not 1 living person has been awarded the MoH. Then, very strangely, bloom, there have been a few. It's all politics my friend.

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