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Maryland House bill would link gun, criminal registries
The state officials there estimate they could disqualify up to 110,000 registered gun owners. The bill also allows for newly hired state troopers to go door to door to take these people's firearms.

How many times have I heard the gun control pols and activists make public statements assuring gun owners that a newly proposed bill for gun registration won't lead to confiscation. "We're not looking to take your guns. We're not taking away your rights," they would say. They are full of baloney.


By NICK TABOR, Associated Press
Updated 6:58 pm, Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — The House of Delegates is considering a bill that would link Maryland's gun registry to its criminal database.

State law requires gun owners to surrender their weapons if they're convicted of felonies or any violent crimes, but Del. Luiz Simmons, D-Montgomery, said Maryland State Police lack a systematic way of enforcing this. They can't use their databases to identify gun owners convicted of crimes.

Simmons is chief sponsor of legislation to make that link.

State Police estimate that if they linked the databases, they would find 10 percent of registered gun owners — about 110,000 people — would be disqualified. They estimate a rate of 1 percent each year thereafter.

Under Simmons' plan, police would run a systematic check at least twice a year.
Live Free or Die
I don't like the whole "this person's a gun owner, they might just be a criminal" link. It's offensive.

If you replaced "gun owner" with any other walk of life, this would be shot down faster than an Iraqi jet in the first Gulf War.


That said, if a person is prohibited, they are prohibited.

On a larger topic, I think far too many people are on the prohibited list. I don't care if you got stopped with a small amount of weed, I don't care if you cheated your taxes or did some other non-violent crime. If violence was not part of it, you should not lose gun rights.

Further, if a person is that much of a threat to the public that they cannot be allowed to defend themselves, then perhaps they should never see the light of day again. If the "bad guys" were all in the slammer, it would make things a whole lot simpler. Even if there were a gun stashed somewhere, they would have no way of accessing it.
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