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Maryland lawmakers pass tough gun control bill

Quote:ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Maryland's already-strong gun laws will become among the strictest in the nation with a measure passed by the General Assembly Thursday, sending the bill to the Democratic governor who proposed the legislation in the aftermath of December's massacre at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school.

The state Senate voted 28-19 for final passage, agreeing to a number of changes the House of Delegates approved Wednesday.

The measure would require people who buy a handgun to submit fingerprints to state police, bans 45 types of assault weapons, and limits gun magazines to 10 bullets. It also addresses firearms access for the mentally ill.

"Together, with a strong coalition of advocates, and the people of Maryland who overwhelmingly support policies to reduce gun violence, we've chosen to take action by advancing strategies that work to save lives," Gov. Martin O'Malley said in a statement after the vote.

Maryland will become the first state in nearly 20 years to require potential handgun buyers to submit fingerprints to state police. Only five other states have a similar requirement: Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey.


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Is anyone really surprised that Md. would attempt to out asshat the asshat's that have already passed legislation? I hate just driving down the DelMarVa Peninsula because I have to go through De and Md.
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God's Country;93571 Wrote:Increasingly I feel as though I am living on a tiny island with a very high tide.

I suspect more states will follow suit, especially PA. We're blue because of Philly, we'll get bullshit laws like this because of Philly.
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I followed this process through the committee meetings, the Senate hearings, the House amendment process, and the votes. Online when it was broadcast, or in live blogs from those present. The level of stupidity in many of those elected officials is eclipsed only by their outright hatred shown to gun owners. There were a lot of shenanigans in this voting process that MSI (Maryland Shall Issue) and others caught on video. We'll see if they can do anything with that.

This bill is BLATANT restriction to lawful gun ownership. Any attempts at addressing real crime were soundly rejected by the Dem leadership pushing this through. At one point, in the House, an amendment DID pass dealing with criminals, only to have some called in to a back room, and then the House leader called for a recount. Once those came back from the "meeting" off the main floor, they toed the party line, and the amendment was defeated. Often times House members were seen pressing the voting buttons for others.

I have a vested interest in this, as I have a cabin in western Maryland. I have figured out how to legally carry most of the time that I am there, using my hunting license, and have talked with that at great length with all the local relevant LEO, MD, and NPS rangers. The thing that concerns me more so is transport. And there's always the worry of an LEO out of his normal jurisdiction that doesn't know the law as well as some of the locals. Now I will have to figure out how this affects what firearms I take, and the mag restrictions. I have borders of leased property, private property, NPS Park lands, and a MD state forest. Couple that with interstate, and intrastate transport laws, it does get interesting. Now this BS. I don't want to be on the wrong side of the law anywhere, but especially not in MD.
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ABuck, I can't really comment on transporting over the state line. I can however tell you not to worry about the mag restriction BS. They just took the 20rd limit and decreased it to 10. The law DOESN'T address possession, and DOESN'T address going out of state, buying mags and bringing them back in. As long as you don't hand your standard capacity mags to someone else (or attempt to sell/trade) within MD, you're good to go.
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