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May 26, 2013 Oley Valley 2 Gun Match (Rifle/Pistol)
$15 non-members / $10 for club members
Half day format, groups at 0845 and 1215

Match is an approximate 60 round course completed twice by each shooter for an approximate total of 120 rounds.

This is a move and shoot match. 100 yards or less with standing, kneeling, prone, and prone variations.

Targets for May Match will be no smaller than 4MOA, standard IDPA or USPSA, as well as 5" reactives.

Club Sporting Clays also will be held this same day separate from the 2 Gun Match. Sporting Clays are $13 for 50 birds.

Participants must register in advance, there is a limited number of slots available. Registration Link below.

If the reg link is still up, there is still room.

Shooters new to competitive events are welcome. Each participant must know how to safely operate their weapon(s) before attending.

Link to online form to register:

Equipment Requirements:

Eye and ear protection
Chamber Flag (spares are available at event)
Rifle carry slings are not required for rifle only stages.
OWB holster and rifle sling required if you want to transition in available stages.
Semi-automatic or bolt action permitted.
Centerfire or rimfire permitted.
Magazine or clip fed (such as Garand, SKS) actions both permitted.
Tube and internal box fed actions are NOT PERMITTED.
Minimum of 3 magazines for Rifle required.
SBRs are permitted.
Use of a rifle suppressor is permitted and highly encouraged if available to you.
Selective fire weapons are permitted but must ONLY be fired in semi-automatic mode during the event.
Muzzle brakes are allowed, but not encouraged in consideration of your fellow shooters if a firing line event.
Chest rigs, vests, or mag holders are not required.
Tracers are not permitted.

Important Safety and Procedural Information

Participants must know now to safely operate their firearms before attending.
Adherence to safe weapon handling practices is required.
These practices include, and are not limited to, the NRA gun safety rules described here:
This is a muzzle down club.
All rifles and any sidearms not carried on one's person are to be transported to firing line cased and remain cased until after initial safety briefing.
No handling of weapons on firing line while personnel are down range
No handling of weapons out of case or on racks except during allotted times or after request to or instructed by the RSO.
Firearms carried on person need to be cleared before rifle-only stages.
Inform the RSO if you will need to clear your carry firearm at safety briefing.
All attendees are responsible for their own actions including each round fired. In addition, if one is uncomfortable with any part or entirety of the event, it is their responsibility to notify the RSO and not participate in any or all parts of the event.
Any accommodations to the participants in the interest of safety will be considered.[/COLOR]

For any questions post in threads or pm

Oley Valley Fish and Game membership is $25 per year if a NRA member

Oley Valley Fish and Game Websites including membership info:

[SIZE="4"]Exact CoF will not be published, mag loads will be posted in the week before the event. [/SIZE]

[Image: DSC_01591024x683.jpg]

[Image: DSC_01421024x683_zpsd775a869.jpg]

[Image: Oley-2-Gun-Dec-2012-7_zps2519b6fc.jpg]

[Image: Oley-2-Gun-Dec-2012-8_zps0cb5a023.jpg]
The Muffin Man, proud to be a member of since Sep 2082.
Morning group is full.
The Muffin Man, proud to be a member of since Sep 2082.
Thanks to all for a safe event. I hope everyone had a good time.

.....Not just the usual ARs and AKs this month, we had a modified 10/22, a 9mm carbine, as well as a very nice bolt action .303 Enfield.


The Muffin Man, proud to be a member of since Sep 2082.

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