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Mayor Nutter Responds to NRA
We had cops at my schools from elementary through graduation. The elementary school officer was fresh out of the academy with a couple very little kids at home. Junior high officer wasn't always there but he was there the day we brought the truckload of WW2 guns (all functioning and about half were full autos including the M2 BMG) and he panicked a bit when he saw us. He was supposed to come out with the principal to "supervise" but he got ahead of the principal a bit. High school cop was pretty cool though. He was supposed to report any school rules being broken to the vice principals but as long as nobody was hurt, he never ratted us out. Graduation was cool though. We had half a dozen police snipers on the roof of the school and 4 or 5 Sheriffs department SWAT officers roaming during processions. Someone called in a threat for graduation night and the number it came from was well known by local LEOs as a bigtime drug dealer.
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Dave;57966 Wrote:My child was not in the least bit insulted. Shrug

I know some teachers who agree with Wayne. My son is one of them.

These mouth breathers like Nut(ter) wouldn't recognize a cogent thought process if it came with a sign and instructions written at the third grade level.

Philadelphia Patriot;57923 Wrote:
Quote: “utilize the precious and declining resources in public education........”

So you [Mayor Nutter] don't want to spend money to arm the Philadelphia School "Police" or station a Philadelphia Police Officer at each school, but you don't mind spending $348,000/year to have Arlene Ackerman as your School Superintendent and then pay her a $900,000 severance package to leave?

It underscores Wayne's point, doesn't it? Sounds like Nutter values money more than kids.
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priell3;57910 Wrote:Philly cops are stationed in schools now, especially at opening and closing.

Wayne said armed security was ONE option of many and that the NRA would foot the bill.

I watched the news conference. I thought it was good. Wayne made some very good points and stuck to facts.

The district does have a "School Police" force, early in 2012 they laid off 90 of them.


Quote:Five years ago the district had 800 school police officers. Now it's just 386.

I never heard of an actual Philly cop stationed IN the school, but everyday on the scanner I hear PPD district patrol cars following the crowds of kids as they leave school to advert any fights along the way in certain parts of the city.

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There are quite a few of you, I am sure, that dislike Uncle Wayne, but he did a pretty good job exposing the Mayor's usual asshat no-guns behavior.

Though, the mayor is correct. We have a gun problem. There are too many criminals and criminally insane people shooting up gun-free zones. You'd think we'd have learned after the debacle that was 9/11.

Since the criminals by definition don't obey laws and don't respect gun-free zones, perhaps its time to turn schools into gun saturation zones - and make sure designated teachers or administrators are required to carry shotguns instead as part of their job descriptions.

Massacres didn't occur in the old west when citizens had guns, and that still holds today. I say we bring back the Wild West.
"Chris Kyle's death seems to confirm that "he who lives by the sword dies by the sword." Treating PTSD at a firing range doesn't make sense."
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They also deploy an army of cops at the major transfer subway stations where kids transfer from bus to subway and stations located close to large schools.

Interestingly enough, Kensington High School is right next to the station I use every morning and... no fights, no brawling, almost never an incident of any kind. Then again, the area is not that busy. Kensington students are a bit more behaved than their North Philly counterparts.
The thing those morbidly stupid LibTards miss is that by and large, a person that attempts to kill the defenseless is a coward, period. He will NOT engage in a firefight, he will cower, retreat or (hopefully) kill himself to avoid the inevitable penalties. Armed overt resistance is a PREVENTIVE measure...not a challenge to fight.

(It's also why I've decided to open carry everywhere it's legal.)
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If it was nutter's money in those schools, you bet your fucking ass there would be a steel vault with bullet proof glass and an armed guard.

Fucking douche bags. All of them.
Quote:Mayor Nutter’s reaction to the National Rifle Association’s suggestion that armed guards be placed in every American school?

“That message was an insult to the lives of those children,” the mayor said in an interview Friday, referencing the grade schoolers murdered a week ago in Newtown, Ct. “That we would face the prospects of shootouts in our schools, and utilize the precious and declining resources in public education to put armed personnel in every school is insane.”

Nutter dismissed the idea as coming from someone “who had clearly watched too many old Westerns” and said that NRA executive vice-president Wayne LaPierre lost all credibility because he "didn't have the guts, didn't have the sensibility to at least acknowledge that there is a gun problem in the United States of America."

Mayor Nutter than thou,
Got an opinion on this?
Barbara Boxer Wants National Guard Troops Deployed To Schools
Or this?
Clinton Pledges Funds to Add Police to Schools
The Second Amendment does not GIVE us the right. It tells the gov they can not infringe our right.
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National guard troops would be better than the TSA or some other new beaurocracy.

I read the article with Boxer, i am deeply confused, in that i agree with her comments very strongly. Especially this:

“This week, Congress is going to approve a bill that I support that spends $640 billion on national defense. That is more military spending than the next 6 countries combined. National defense. Is it not part of the national defense to make sure our children are safe?” she asked.

Our schools should absolutely have secure perimeters and at least some armed personnel on scene. I think they should also allow teachers with LTCF's to carry as well. I would also support training and arming on site school administrators with rifles to augment the handgun armed teachers with LTCF's. I also support arming already existing school police via the act 235 mechanism. (IOW, they'd be more akin to armed guards than actual law enforcement officers)

These school shootings need to stop. And this is the best way to do it. These measures would also help to reduce child abductions and other Amber alert type situations at schools.
I don't think making our schools into something resembling a gulag is really the answer though. Are people here supporting that idea because they feel it'll take the focus away from firearms?

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