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Mayor's Against Illegal Guns
I got this email sent to me this morning. Just wanted to share it with you so you can see the tactics they are using. Trying to piggyback on Costas's inane remarks seems like a bad strategy to me but then I don't give these knuckleheads credit for much more than lies and distortions when it comes to gun information. Here's the email:

Dear Robert,

NBC Sportscaster Bob Costas never planned to be in the spotlight for talking about common sense gun laws. But if his critics think they can scare him into being quiet, they are sorely mistaken.

Even after people like Glenn Beck and Ted Nugent tried to discourage him, Costas has done interview after interview making it clear that he stands by what he said on Sunday Night Football.

On the O'Reilly Factor on Wednesday night, Costas shared the hard truth: roughly 40% of gun sales in this country don’t have to go through a background check under federal law.

And on MSNBC, he said that even if people disagree with him, talking about gun violence is a conversation our country needs to have.

Can you help keep this conversation going by sharing the following infographic with your friends and family?

[Image: COSTAS-SHARE-2-40-percent.jpg]

Click here to share the image on Facebook.

Or, click here to post it to Twitter.

If we don’t have this national conversation, our leaders will not do what it takes to prevent the 34 gun murders in America every day, even though respecting the Second Amendment goes hand in hand with keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

Please keep the conversation going by sharing this image today.

Thanks for spreading the word,
Mayors Against Illegal Guns
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What a bunch of fags.
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I don't know where the 40% stat comes from, but one thing I can say is that for example, BB guns are considered firearms in New Jersey. I could not go into a store and buy a pellet gun or a BB gun in NJ without "papers"
but in PA I can go into a store and buy either without showing an ID. If that is what they mean when they quote stats like 40% of purchases do not require a check, then they are losing the battle and resorting to lies.
In Philly you can't even own or buy a bb or pellet gun. They are outright banned.

Last I checked, very few by firearms from the feds... What the stat ignores are the state laws that everyone must follow.

Besides, there are already laws prohibiting criminals from possessing firearms...
I bought all my guns from that Fast and Furious guy, so none of them are registered!Tongue
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