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MD school suspends 6 yr old boy for making gun gesture, saying ‘pow’
The world has truly gone off the deep end, this is the second one of these stories I've heard recently ....

Quote:A suburban Washington, D.C. family has retained legal counsel after their six-year-old son was suspended from school for making a gun gesture with his thumb and forefinger, pointing at another student and saying “pow.”

The boy, a student at Roscoe R. Nix Elementary School in Silver Spring, Maryland, made the universal kid sign for a gun a week after 20-year-old Adam Lanza massacred 20 young children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

The boy’s parents received a letter explaining that his punishment would be a one-day suspension, to be served January 2, the first day students return from winter break, reports WRC-TV.

Robin Ficker, an attorney representing the family, maintains that school officials overreacted to the pretend gesture. The boy is too young to comprehend in any meaningful way the significance of his actions, Ficker argued.

Damn 6 year olds...when will they grow up and start acting like adults????
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Suspension? They should have arrested him.

What if that finger had been loaded?

It does sicken me when I hear stories about things like this. What is next, a kid gives his crush a valentine and gets arrested for sexual harassment?
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I support his, after all, kids guns go "Pew", not "pow".
Pussification of America.

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And everybody ok with the parents hiring a lawyer for a one day suspension over something so stupid?
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Dave;62139 Wrote:And everybody ok with the parents hiring a lawyer for a one day suspension over something so stupid?

As long as they can afford it, then they may as well....its the only way to fight back against stupidity in school these days.

I suppose my 5 year old would have been suspended for a whole week since he uses more than just his hand...he uses various and assorted Lego blocks and sticks and all sorts of things. My 8 year old would be in even more trouble, since he actually likes toys that resemble real guns and shoot caps!
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Dave;62139 Wrote:And everybody ok with the parents hiring a lawyer for a one day suspension over something so stupid?

I think it's silly, but the situation is silly.

And who's to say that the school wouldn't have decided to expel him based on this incident if he didn't have a lawyer?

MD is crazy with the anti-gun stuff, especially the closer you get to the cities.
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Dave;62139 Wrote:And everybody ok with the parents hiring a lawyer for a one day suspension over something so stupid?

Well, we got one parent in Port Richmond (neighborhood just to the North of me, in Philly) who JUST launched a federal lawsuit seeking damages over the Romney t-shirt his daughter wore over the election season earlier.

After hearing some comments from other folks whose kids go to Carrol, the teacher/student episode was a non-serious affair. It's when her father learned of the incident from the daughter that it turned into the media circus that it did.
Quote:Romney-Ryan political T-shirt to school during the campaign season had gone viral has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the School District of Philadelphia and the teacher whose comments about the article of clothing sparked a controversy.

Richard and Kristine Pawlucy recently filed suit on behalf of their daughter, Samantha Pawlucy, whose free speech the plaintiffs claim was violated when the high-schooler was subjected to ridicule for wearing a T-shirt in support of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan.

The ONE day that Carrol kids get off from the school uniform mandate--and that happens. Now those kids are stuck in the khakis and ill-fitting shirts forever.

Don't get me wrong---I know the family attorney that filed the lawsuit. I understand it's a classic 1A case. But I'm not sure the outcome will be what the parents want (blood extracted out of the Phila School District).

The father was profiled a bit more as a (non-serious) prepper:

Quote:Pawlucy has portrayed himself to the media as an apolitical dad pushed into the election-year fracas by his daughter's tormenters. According to The Inquirer's Karen Heller, "he has never voted before, which makes him an improbable participant in a political fight." Indeed, he says that he would have voted for Obama in 2008.

But a quick perusal of Pawlucy's Facebook page makes his involvement seem not so improbable. He is one of the most active members of a Facebook group for a "survivalist" organization called Port Richmond Preparedness that is stockpiling "small arms, munitions hordes, protective gear, reconnaisance [sic] equipment, combat rations, and field communications equipment."

I am more at odds with the "armed" townwatch that was trying to fob itself as the legitimate townwatch of Port Richmond a while back, and the father's association with it. Under no certain terms can you run a patrol townwatch with people out on patrol getting police radios and basically acting as PPD lookouts while carrying a firearm. You are also not supposed to go on patrol alone, ever. There's certification, classes, and background checks. And if these folk wanted to start doing armed night patrols on their on OC'ing (with what, pistols or the ARs?), say goodbye to PPD support over townwatches in general (including the one I am a board member on).

So now father wants to go after SDP, which is screaming for higher property taxes to pay its bills (among them, the legal bills like the Pawlucy case).

So yeah... opportunistic litigiousness presents itself. Everywhere.
Dave;62139 Wrote:And everybody ok with the parents hiring a lawyer for a one day suspension over something so stupid?

Is there any other way to get the attention of the school considering the idiocy of "zero tolerance" policies?

I doubt that they immediately ran to their attorney, but tried to get it resolved with the school first.

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