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Media Fueled Frenzy
I've seen this mentioned other times this week but I wanted to have a thread discussing it specifically.

I really truly do think this media fueled frenzy actually helps feed this type of behavior. I mean....this shooter has done such an awful, awful deed that he's almost being lifted up (or down?) into a supernatural devil-like being. That is a type of "honor" that many other warped people would like to have! There are crazy people out there that will kill (I think there was a guy in Alaska who was like this, that just recently got caught), and one of the things he really enjoyed was going home and watching the news about himself.

The media coverage on this is not only stirring up people's emotions to ban guns, but it's ALSO encouraging other fringe, disturbed people to think about how "amazing" it would be to go down in history like this, however evil it might be.

In my opinion, schools better start hiring armed security guards, NOW. It won't be long before someone else gets grand ideas. Not joking.

Oh look, I'm a prophetess......

(It's either a crazy guy, or more frenzy, but either way....)
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In short, you would be correct. Some people are just pure evil, and they want to seek as much attention as possible. It gets them off.
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