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Men smuggled guns to NYC on buses

Quote:The alleged smugglers, Walter Walker and Earl Campbell, were among 19 people arrested in New York and in North Carolina and South Carolina — states where the guns originated — as the result of a 10-month investigation. Also charged was an aspiring rapper from Brooklyn.


The gun case was a spinoff of a drug investigation in Brooklyn that turned up Instagram photos of handguns and wads of cash posted by the rapper. Wiretap and other evidence led investigators to Walker, 29, of Sanford, N.C. and Campbell, 24, of Rock Hill, S.C., who were smuggling guns separately but using the same middleman in New York City, authorities said.


Walker met two times last year with the middleman and the undercover officer at the rapper's Brooklyn recording studio to sell the undercover firearms, the indictment said. He also alleged sold weapons to the undercover in April in Manhattan.

Reading between the lines, it sure does sound like someone turned State's Witness.
Wait for it...we need TSA on all buses.
In addition to New York style gun control in all other States.
The law? The law is a human institution...
I wish they were free to buy and carry those guns in NY and NYC without a license.
Soldats ! Faites votre devoir ! Droit au cœur mais épargnez le visage. Feu !

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