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MGW Glock sight tool review-recommend: buy
In this post I’ll review the MGW Glock sight tool set, with photos.

Today's victim subject will be an older Gen 2 Glock 19 with dimming tritium sights.

So it’s 2012. My Glock 19 is getting a little long in the tooth, I bought it around 1991-ish. The night sights are getting dimmer (somewhat analogous to the owner) and should be changed. As in, back around 2004. The half-life for tritium is a little over 12 years, so mine already went through one half-life and near the end of a second half-life. This means the light output was half what is was new, back in 2003 or 2004. And it’ll be half that three years from now.

At least this job is a one-for-one replacement. And, I don’t see a lot of detailed pictorials on the "interweb" on how to do it. One point that I see repeated -- don't bother with Glock's OEM tool (details).

Brand identity crisis
The Maryland Gun Works (MGW) tool is advertised as “Glock 17 Or 19 Tool Set” (Amazon link), sold by Glock. As it turns out, it’s an MGW sight pusher, with a Trijicon label on the box. I found their website, and almost missed it – seems like they’re retooling for automotive interests. What’s more, MGW’s website only mentions firearms affiliation in passing (link). It looks like Trijicon, et al are contracting out to MGW to make the tool, and Glock took Trijicon under their wing...? Perhaps Glock's quietly migrating over to the MGW-made tool...?

First impressions
Really solid tool, all steel except for the frame. Deep industrial blue/black finish. Very well made. Someone knows what they’re doing. Fortunately, two sets of directions are included. I read both several times before starting. New factoid: the dovetail slot must not be parallel through the transverse axis, because the sight is always pushed from left to right, and the new sight’s pushed in from right to left.

The process
[Image: MGW_Glock_sight_removal_001.jpg]
The tool installed, the rear sight has just cracked loose.

Next (per the instructions), I oiled the hell out of the moving parts. It’s held very securely in a fixture that mimics the receiver rails.
[Image: MGW_Glock_sight_removal_003.jpg]
The slide clamping jig, with the same dimensions as the receiver rails.

Initially the original sight wouldn’t budge. Not good. Not good at all. With a little more effort, <CRACK>! The sight moved.

[Image: MGW_Glock_sight_removal_002.jpg]

The turning force requirement went down considerably, and I see consistent progress. The original sight is coming off.

[Image: MGW_Glock_sight_removal_008.jpg]
More movement...

[Image: MGW_Glock_sight_removal_009.jpg]
The sight is finally off, and also intact.

The new replacement rear sight slides on without incident.

[Image: MGW_Glock_rear_sight_installation_001.jpg]
The new sight is started in the dovetail slot & ready to go.

[Image: MGW_Glock_rear_sight_installation_002.jpg]

[Image: MGW_Glock_rear_sight_installation_003.jpg]
And it's on it's way...

[Image: MGW_Glock_rear_sight_installation_004.jpg]
Aligning the new sight with the old sight witness marks.

After lining up the notch with the pen marks, it will still need fine adjustment at the range. The first detail I notice is part of the decal transferred from the rear sight to the tool bearing surface. No biggie, that would have been worn off in time anyway. Otherwise, it’s an excitement-free operation.

[Image: MGW_Glock_rear_sight_installation_006.jpg]
Tape removed. The light area is oil-free, not glue residue.

Front Sight Replacement
Lastly, the front sight is staked in. Apparently Glock installed them in the earlier years, and they were staked in place. I’ve been pondering how best to remove this for a few days. A gentle twist with Eifel gear pliers, and it pops right off.

[Image: MGW_Glock_front_sight_replacement_001.jpg]
Front sight removed, note hollow base of staked mount. This is an early Glock-installed front sight.

The new front sight uses a tiny cap screw.
[Image: MGW_Glock_front_sight_replacement_004.jpg]
New front sight ready for installation. Note the small cap screw to secure it in place.

I installed the front sight, expecting to remove it when I find some Loctite. It doesn’t feel like it needs it, it’s very secure without Loctite.

[Image: MGW_Glock_front_sight_replacement_005.jpg]
New front sight installed.

[Image: MGW_Glock_front_sight_replacement_007.jpg]
Screw securing front sight, current design.

The front sight tool is apparently a combination tool. One end is the front sight capscrew socket, the other end appears to be a pin punch. I assume this is for pressing plastic pegs on daytime sights? The instructions are mute about this.

[Image: MGW_Glock_front_sight_tool_detail_001.jpg]
Front sight tool included with the set.

[Image: MGW_Glock_front_sight_tool_detail_003.jpg]
Thin-wall socket end of tool.

The Proof of the Pudding in the eating.

[Image: MGW_Glock_sight_installation_after_002.jpg] -- [Image: MGW_Glock_sight_installation_after_001.jpg]

Here’s the new sight, with the old sight on top for a relative comparison. First, with the lights on. Right way I see a sharper dot.
[Image: MGW_Glock_sight_newold_compared_light.jpg]
Daylight comparison

And with the lights out:

[Image: mgw_glock_sight_newold_compared_dark_001.jpg]
Old sights (top), new (bottom). Image enhanced for relative comparison.

There’s a substantial difference. I enhanced the image until the old sights appear. The new sights aren’t this bright, it’s how the camera responds to low light.

I recommend this tool if any apply:
  • You're a do-it-yourself kind of person
  • You don't have a local shop that can change sights
  • You're a multiple Glock owner that can justify the cost.
  • You're a gunsmith

Edited to comply with 20 image limit...PA Rifleman
Subject matter expert on questions no one's asking.
Good review and explanation.

I can't recall when I bought my G19, but yeah, my night sights are shot too.
The sights on my G30 went dim also so I instead of $100.00 for new night sights I just bought the RSL from LaserLyte for $109.00.

The RSL comes with a brass tool to remove the old sight and installing the RSL took about 3 minutes. Simple to sight in took about 10 shots to have it hitting at 15 yards.

I got from my local dealer Elmo's in Brownsville. Only took 3 days for them to get it.

BTW My G30 was made in 1999
Shorty, proud to be a member of since Nov 2012.
Nice review and directions with pics, PA Rifleman!!
LisaA, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.
Great review. I have one of these tools and agree with everything you've said.
The law? The law is a human institution...
I have one of these, works great. If anyone near Upper Macungie needs to use one, let me know. Free of charge. Might as well get more use out of it, only used it 3x.
tonyfac, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.

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