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Mifflin County LTCF info
Below is a copy from the sheriff's website. (Yes, I've told him it's a LTCF, not a CWP)

Talked with the sheriff, he said the process is now done while you wait, in one trip. LTCF was approximately driver's license sized, has your picture, name, address, height/weight, hair and eye color, LTCF issue and expiration dates, etc on the front. Blank on the reverse.

Link to sheriff's website
Concealed Weapons Permits
Some general information on concealed weapons permit application process.

Applicants must be 21 years of age to apply for a permit.

Applicant must bring their drivers license or state issued photo identification when applying for the license to carry.

The Sheriffs clerk will also need to take a photograph of the applicant.

The fee required for the license to carry is $20.00. Cash Only. Checks are not accepted.

This permit shall be for the purpose of carry a concealed firearm on or about one's person and or vehicle. This permit will be issued only after an extensive background check.

To access Pennsylvania Laws and Summaries regarding the concealed weapons permit and PA firearm laws in general click here NRA/ILA or PA State Police. For more information regarding reciprocity with other States click here PA Attorney General. Many concealed weapon permit applicants and holders find this information helpful.

Use the link below to do the following:
Click on the link below to open the permit
Complete permit application
Print out completed application
Print out Signature Form (can be notarized prior to submission or in Sheriff's office)
Submit completed forms to the Sheriff's office

Link to LTCF application

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