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Minor Forum Rules Update
So aside from bans and all else, should be be reaching out?

Someone must have a phone number and/or email addy.
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JustinHEMI;77758 Wrote:That's what makes me wonder if something more serious has gone wrong with him.

The whole thing with the crazy Russian broad was very traumatic, understandably so. You open the door to find some crazed bitch coming at you with a raised knife and lunging at your chest, well yeah, traumatic.

He may be going through some PTSD. I'm no shrink, but there does seem to me to be a change in personality, which would be consistent with trauma. Valorius, if you're reading this and if you think you may be dealing with PTSD, see your doctor. Don't wait. Find out for sure one way or another.
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JustinHEMI;77758 Wrote:
PA Rifleman;77753 Wrote:We may be saying the same thing here, but the apparent aim is to prevent someone going Dorner, not saying goodbye.

Apparently there's been a recent development with Val at the other place, too.

That's what makes me wonder if something more serious has gone wrong with him.

He was generally well like and respected, he had is detractors as well, he was a bit cheesy at times, and he suffered from the Dunning–Kruger effect, but pretty much went with the flow. Then his posting seemed to turn nasty and he wound up getting banned from two forums within two days.

He was on other boards I am a member on. I will not say which ones. But on many of them, he was banned for his attitude. One he was even laughed off of for some things.

What is done is done. There is no changing it, so I don't see why we are still going on about it.
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Dave;77655 Wrote:I sort of like Goodbye threads and totally agree that there are many more posts here which should worry the owner much more. Only he can answer why it does not. And if we are honest, many times terms such as Troll and Off Topic are only code words for that we disagree with.

Since mods are human of course they will never apply the rules fairly. If we wanted fair then all mods would have a term limit since abuse of power is as part of the human condition as the need to breath. Of course those who have power will almost never voluntarily give up power because that too is against human nature. And of course in their minds all who abuse power justify it in their minds. This is as old as time and by no means unique here.

Those such as EM and George Washington are a rare breed who deserve our respect.

Question: if any decides to leave, posts a Goodbye thread knowing they are gone for good will that thread be deleted?
In honor of freedom of speech, a goodbye thread will not be deleted but it will be locked. A departing member can say his/her peace and then be gone from the forum without discussion...much like a suicide letter. The staff may decide to post a rebuttal if necessary...mainly to inform the community of what happened and to eliminate rumors.

Honestly, I don't think we will have to many threads like this to worry about...we just wanted to put a policy in place for when or if they ever do happen.
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RocketFoot;76749 Wrote:After Valorius committed forum suicide today by creating a goodbye thread attacking the staff, we decided to update forum rule #1 to include provisions for perma banning any member that decided to post a Goodbye Thread. These threads are no more than a last ditch effort to troll for negative responses and we just don't want that here.

Here is the new context of Rule #1:

1. Spamming, trolling and instigation will not be tolerated; If you join these forums with the sole purpose of spamming, trolling or instigation your account will be banned or suspended. If you want to leave the forum and decide to create a "Goodbye Thread" you will be banned permanently. This is a form of instigation/trolling and will not be tolerated.

Thanks for understanding and please, continue to enjoy the forums!

I'm gone for a month because work has picked up and eaten up more of my time plus I've been working on my sites, and I miss this drama?

I'm late for everything.
JustinHEMI;77796 Wrote:Yeah, that's the first thing that caught my attention.


ExcelToExcel;77791 Wrote:When you say that you're going to point a loaded firearm at someone open carrying down your street, yeah, not a good indication to me...

You guys all live in the sticks, got me going. Never did care much for the drama queen.

Oh wait here is a picture of my girlfriend.
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Trolls will be trolls. You know who you are.

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