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Minor Rust on Mossberg 500 Barrel
....I used some powder blaster than CLP to clean it up. I got a lot of it off, but there is either some tiny bit of rust remaining on the barrel or it is just discoloration, I'm not too sure. Anyways, what's the best stuff to use to attempt to remove it? The shotgun is a Maverick 88 by Mossberg. Eventually, I plan on buying a Mossberg 500 w/ a marincote finish because if I ever want a truck gun, that's what I would prefer.
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For tough rust spots here's what I've done. Just grab some oil. Seriously... any oil, like 10W30 will work. Its oil, so its not going to hurt the metal. Find a way to soak the section that has the rust in the oil. Don't be in a hurry... leave it for a few days, maybe a week even. Then take a wire bristle brush to it. If you're worried about scratches on the surface, just use a regular tooth brush with stiff bristles or something that you can put some elbow grease onto it with. I've found rust usually comes off easy that way.

May sound dumb, but its worked for me on a couple of stainless guns I saw rust appear on.
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Don't use a wire brush. It will mess up the finish. You want to use 0000 steel wool to do that. Wire brushes are for using on bare metal. The 0000 steel wool will take the rust off without destroying the finish. You can get a big package of steel wool for a few bucks at Home Depot or Lowes.
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As Warpt said, use 0000 steel and a little light oil (gun oil). Gently rub the areas where the rust spots are and they should come right off and you won't even notice anything once you wipe it down. Keep a little oil on the barrel when storing it (just wipe it down with an oily rag will be enough).
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Well, did it clean up?

I had a 500 before and even though it saw very little time outdoors, it developed a "rusty spot" on the barrel. I think it may have been a thumb print where the oils were left behind after having NOT oiled it properly for storage.
I have a 590 that kept getting a small rust spot on the end of the barrel. I finally rubbed it down with some Weapon Shield and hasn't come back since! That was like 3 years ago!
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RocketFoot;128313 Wrote:I have a 590 that kept getting a small rust spot on the end of the barrel. I finally rubbed it down with some Weapon Shield and hasn't come back since! That was like 3 years ago!

Weapon Shield. Cures rust AND bacon. Git U sum TOO-day!
Powder Blaster took care of it, and then I wiped it down with some Break Free CLP. Once I use up the rest of my Break Free CLP, then I am going to order some Weapon Shield.
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