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Montco lawmaker wants stricter gun control

HARRISBURG — His proposed changes to Pennsylvania’s gun laws might not stop a massacre like the one that shattered so many lives in Connecticut Friday, but state Sen. Daylin Leach believes it’s worth a try.

The Montgomery County Democrat’s proposed legislation comes in the aftermath of Adam Lanza’s slaughter of 20 school children and six adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., which followed Lanza’s murder of his mother.

Leach said he’s proposing two gun control bills when the Pennsylvania Legislature opens a new session in January. One would limit gun purchases to one per month; the other would require a gun owner to report a lost or stolen weapon within 48 hours.

You have to be 18 to possess a firearm and 21 to apply for a license to carry a firearm, according to state law. There are no limits on the number of weapons you can buy and no requirement to report lost or stolen firearms.

Leach said he believes his bill to limit gun buying to one per month would prevent “straw” purchases, in which weapons are bought by people with clean records to illegally sell to those who couldn’t pass background checks.

“If we stop them from buying 20 guns at a time, it’s not really worth it, financially, to be a straw purchaser if you can only buy one gun a month. It’s not a very good living so, hopefully, they’ll get into another line of work,” Leach said.

While the senator said his proposal for mandatory reporting of a lost or stolen gun is also directed at straw purchasers, he added that it also would increase the accountability for everyone who buys a gun.

“Unless they’re caught red-handed, which virtually never happens, (straw purchasers) do this with impunity, they make huge profits, they don’t care who they sell a gun to. If the guy who wants to buy the gun has money, they don’t care if they’re crazy, they don’t care if they’re violent. They just want the money,” Leach said.

In an interview with Calkins Media, Leach said he’s not trying to stop qualified people from buying guns. However, he said, opposition to improved gun control laws might be falling more and more on deaf ears.

“I think with each one of these tragedies, the already frivolous objections (to gun control) become even more frivolous,” Leach said, adding that the Connecticut massacre may be the “tipping point.”

“This is such a horrific crime that we may have reached a point of clarity in this country where we say ‘This cannot be the new normal.’ We can’t be doing this every couple of weeks,” he said.
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Let this douche go live in the one-gun-per-month city of Newark, NJ, just off the Clinton Ave exit on 78. Let me know how it's helped to stop the crime there.

Eric Holder is the biggest "straw" violator in the US!
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spblademaker;55185 Wrote:Let this douche go live in the one-gun-per-month city of Newark, NJ, just off the Clinton Ave exit on 78. Let me know how it's helped to stop the crime there.

Eric Holder is the biggest "straw" violator in the US!

Good luck trying to legally buy a gun in Newark NJ. My dad tried for YEARS with no luck, Newark has their own "requirements".
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I thought if you buy so many guns in a short amount of time you either get a visit or a phone call. Isn't that true?
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