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More good encounters
Last night my wife and I were out at Olive Garden in Cranberry to use a gift card someone sent us as a gift. As usual, she had her service dog and I had my M&P40. The staff didn't give me a second glance; seems they were more interested in fawning over her big German Shepherd from a polite distance.

Finally a gentleman notices me and comes over and asks me if I ever get any grief over openly carrying. I explain to him most folks think that I'm a LEO or just don't seem to care. He laughs and says it's true, I do have the look for it. As it turns out, his son is interested in open carry as well, and, being a concerned dad, wasn't sure since he's heard it can stir trouble up. I explained to told him that I've had pretty positive experiences, and that attitude and demeanor helped a lot with that. There's always a chance, but being confident and casual, and a good knowledge of laws and rights, helps a lot. We parted ways as his family got ready to go, and he thanked me for open carrying.


My wife's van is finally ready to go, and we were checking out a new(er) one at a dealership in town. One of the technicians noticed my gun and asked if it was a .40 S&W. I grinned and gave him an affirmative. We started talking about how I liked it and my experience open carrying. The topic shifted over to our German Shepherds and the neighborhood. All in all it was a really nice little chat with everyone there.

Didn't buy anything yet, still shopping around. Still a nice visit.


Open carry isn't as big of a deal as people make it out to be. Be casual, be confident, be polite. Know the laws, and know your rights. And, as always, don't look or act like a douchebag. Tongue

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