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More TSA Failure
Gov’t-Issued Identification Not Needed To Pass Through TSA Security

Quote:Melendez adds those who do not have government ID should expect a secondary screening, which could include swab tests and inspection of their carry-on baggage.

A KPIX 5 undercover producer tested this security system, arriving at the San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland airports without official documentation. In every case, the producer was allowed to pass through security using a student ID and personal credit cards and was not subject to a secondary screening before gaining entrance to the terminal.

At the San Francisco and Oakland airports, the producer was asked by TSA agents whether she had a Costco card that she could show them.

Kabuki Theater, that's all it is.
But go ahead and show them your LTCF and they will say no way.
The law? The law is a human institution...
csmith;77135 Wrote:But go ahead and show them your LTCF and they will say no way.

Show them that and you are asking for at least 2 hours of interrogation in a back room.
Live Free or Die
It's been a while, but I don't recall Costco actually asking for valid ID to become a member. I think all I did was fill out the form and that was it. I guess next they'll be accepting store loyalty cards as ID.
this is nothing new. i do it all the time. tsa guidelines don't require you to have id. they changed the rules a couple of years ago to deny you if you refuse to show id, but have always permitted people even if they "lost" their id or even those that ask to fly without id. google "flying as selectee".

the fact that they only crack down on those that refuse is proof positive that the tsa is simple security theater.

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