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Musashi katanas
(09-15-2012, 07:35 PM)jahwarrior72 Wrote: Besides most sword canes being poor quality, they're illegal in most states. A cool alternative would be a Hawken Stick, from TOPS knives. It's basically a cane with a tomahawk head. It comes with a sheath for the head. It's a modem version of a fokosh, or shepherds axe.

What does our state say? Currently thinking of collecting them.
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(09-15-2012, 07:29 PM)dman Wrote:
(09-15-2012, 07:14 PM)jahwarrior72 Wrote: Ahem...because China is known for quality..

Damb ,again I'm with you ! Think "JAPAN", 15th-18th century "JAPAN". Yo jahwarrior72 , can I stick you in my pocket for future
use. I could use some back-up if only I could shut my mouth ?

Not everybody can afford the extreme cost of a japanese katana from that era. There is tons of reviews for these swords that are positive. Its a respected company. I see many people with Cold Steel katanas in their collection. Simply offering up another affordable alternative. If you guys dont like it, thats fine. I respect that, but some of us live on a budget. And if you are looking for a BUDGET but still quality katana, I offer up Musashi. If you have thousands and thousands to drop on a true Japanese katana, good for you. I dont.
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I just had this argument with a swordswoman who happens to own a real custom.katana (in the several thousands of dollars), and what we agree on is that high end blades like hers have no business in the hands of the untrained. They are the Ferraris of the Japanese sword world. Far more blade than 99% of folks will ever use, and enormously expensive to repair when you botch a cut... if you don't damage the blade beyond repair.

That's why the Cheness series exists. Created by Paul Chen, it puts dangerously functional yet eminently resilient blades with in reach of the normal buyer. These are swords you can afford to go beat some rocks with. Or chop wood. Or cleave through a section of beef rib with. They are not fancy, there is no fine polish, and have no hope of being fawned over. They are, however, Mack freaking trucks that will carve through just about anything, while being forgiving to bad cuts that would.destroy a fine blade.

Check out the 9260 spring steel line of swords, and look for cutting tests. For the money, you can not do better.
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jahwarrior72;5154 Wrote:Some of the prices make me skeptical of their quality. I've had pocketknives that cost more than some of those swords.

You can fold a sword as many times as you like, and still temper it incorrectly, and give it a poor polishing.
Price doesn't mean much. A lot of pocket knives are blatantly over priced (much like optics), because they're assembled by union workers making big money in a factory that's in the US, that costs a ton to run.

I have a Cold Steel Warrior Series Katana personally.

jahwarrior72;5217 Wrote:Ahem...because China is known for quality..
If you want a top quality kung fu weapon, China most certainly is known for quality. Where do you think they make real Tai Chi and Chinese broad swords? Wink

I agree with Ten K's post.

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