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My First - "You Should Cover That Up"
Curmudgeon;16695 Wrote:LOL... did you type this with a straight face? (the part in bold)
OC in a bar no more provokes a fight than a pretty girl in a short skirt provokes rape. What drunk buffoon did was arguably disorderly conduct and possibly assault and battery, and ought to realize he is lucky he wasn't charged. It is the buffoon's actions that are the example of provoking a fight.

I think it bears mentioning that this is not a bad-news bar in a crime-ridden inner city neighborhood with a long history of violence. This is a new place, a "beer snob" place in the OP's words, in a quiet village in a nice neighborhood. And in a county wear PA LTCFs number close to 1 in 10. Buffoon-guy sounds like the type to try to cause a problem anywhere, anytime, and I wouldn't be surprised if we discovered this was not his first.

I will readily agree there are times and places where CC is the far better option, and as a general rule I avoid places like that look like a risky place for open carry. I recently OC'd in a new sports bar here in the area nd the experience was typical of all my OC experiences. It was noticed. It was nothing. We tipped well, and were invited to return. The beer was excellent, the nachos were horrible, and we haven't been back. Rolleyes

Negative encounters haven't only happened in bars and with drunks, they happen everywhere. We can quit at the first one, I'm sure some do. Some folks just keep on. I have met 15Truckman on numerous occasions and consider it my good fortune to call him a friend. He is as laid-back, conservative, and professional a guy as you're likely to meet. I figured that little bit of context might be helpful for those who don't know him. For what it's worth.

I'm rambling again. Here ends the gospel of curmudgeon Blahblah

Big Grin

I agree that OC'ing in and of itself is not a provacative act, no more so than a skimpy outfit. In my opinion, my viewpoint would be more accurately described this:

OC'ing in a dive bar with drunken idiots is like walking down that deep dark alley with your skimpy outfit on. I don't believe that you deserved or provoked what happens, but you definitely show poor judgement in putting yourself in a potentially hazerdous situation. It is called "situational" awareness after all Tongue
I love Glocks... I don't know why ?? ShrugShrug
I do not agree whatsoever that OCing is not a provocative act to a drunk.

In fact, i have 10 years bartending experience that tells me EVERYTHING is a provocation to a drunk.

Just ask a battered woman.

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